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Hello there soldiers!


Today i decided to make the first post about this mission project i have been planning for a long time now, and i wanted to make something that i think it has been missing on the community regarding single player missions (or maybe i have not seen this kind of mission yet).


Since there are plenty of multiplayer missions following the idea of survival and RPG like gameplay, i decided to focus on a simple but immersive single player mission.


My goal today is to introduce to the community the general idea of this mission  and to get some feedback on the features for this project, and use this feedback to plan the features this mission will have, so everybody (including myself) can enjoy the experience.


Also please notice that this is my very first post on the Bis Forums and also i'm not a native english speaker, so please be patient.


This is the "story" for the mission that i have written so far, so lets start with that to get the general idea shall we?



Story (Probably will change in the future with the feedback from the community)


"You are the team leader of a special forces unit assigned to assist in the takistan war scenario.

The world has changed a lot since the third world war, Takistan is the last front-line after the peace treaty was signed by Eastern and Western leaders.

Since the war, military investment was cut down by 95% all over the world, and almost no resources are available to the current war scenario in Takistan.

UN Forces are still present in the region but with very little control over the situation, they also suffer from lack of supplies to carry on their mission.

You will need to survive to carry out your mission objectives, in order to survive you will need to suply your base and your units with food, water, medicine and fuel, of course you will also have to look for weapons and ammunition from time to time, the US has made available some supplies for your unit but dont get too excited, some toolboxes with spare vehicle parts also may come in handy when your convoy gets damaged (if you are able to get some vehicles to form a convoy of course).

There are rumors of civilian scavengers throughout Takistan that are willing to help you with supplies, for a price of course.

Your main objective is to fight off the Takistany insurgents throughout the region and help stabilish order."





"So what are you planning to do?"


Great question!


I have a pretty solid idea of what the mission will look like, but i still dont know if the gameplay mechanics will work out well, so that's why i need your feedback! ;)


Instead of laying down a list of features, i will describe in text what i want to do and what will happen in the mission, so here we go:




"You start off in a plane with your special forces team consisting of 15 members of varying roles, due to heavy enemy presence in the region you will need to perform a HALO insertion in order to garantee your team safety and not atract too much attention.


After you and your team hits the dirt you will need to find a suitable location to deploy your initial base of operations, consisting of a barrack and the supply depot to storage your food, water (not sure if survival will be included in the gameplay mechanics), fuel and military suplies such as weapons and ammunition.


Now that you have a place to call home, is time to get your hands on some supplies like weapons and vehicles, since we wont be hearing from HQ anytime soon, we should be one step ahead if we encounter heavy resistance.


Some intel is provided from HQ that we should search for nearby towns for supplies from small enemy groups and civilian scavengers.


You head off on foot with your team to the nearest town to find out that there was an enemy truck by the road you could use as transport, you get in and find it is still in working condition but with half fuel, no problem, you get in the truck with your team and head off to the next town.


In the next town you find an enemy patrol guarding what it seems like a weapons cache, you attack their position and fill the truck with the ammo crates they were protecting and go back to your base to fill your depot with the loot.


On your way home you see the UN fighting off a insurgent group, you choose to ignore and quickly pass by the conflict.


Once you arrive your base you load off the truck with the supplies you gathered and decide to keep the vehicle for further use.


When the night arrives you decide to set up a camp fire and plan your next actions based on the current situation, you tell your units to assume defensive positions and commence the patrol, you go to sleep, or you can choose to carry out a night patrol into enemy territory to get the upper hand and find some supplies.


The next day you encounter a group of civilian scavengers and decided to buy a crate full of ammo, since they liked doing business with you, you can call them next time you need supplies and they will take their trading truck to your base in order to carry out further transactions with you.


And the mission goes on and on without end..."





So, this is my idea, sure there are a lots of stuff i could include, but for now its enough, i will lay out a detailed features list after i have done some more thinking and have received some input from you guys.


Currently i am the only one developing this mission, so if anyone (modders, addon creators, programmers, etc) wants to join me, please feel free to post on this thread and let me know you would like to contribute, and i will gladly set up a repo or something so we can work together!


Also any input and idea will be more than welcome and very valuable, so if you have an idea, dont keep it to yourself, even if you find it useless or silly, just let me know and i will gladly take into consideration. ;)


Basically this mission will not use any third party addons, you red it right, no addons and no custom 3d models or any other sort of external requirements, because of 2 reasons:


First, my skills are limited only to programming, im not a 3d artist.

Secondly, i want to make this mission as simple as possible, in regards of technical requirements.


The only requirements are Arma 2 OA, thats it!


I will also make the code for this mission publicly available and well commented so the community can benefit from my efforts.



"So what have you done until now?"


Awesome question!


Right now i am still figuring out how i am going to be doing the software engineering part (array manipulation libraries, procedures and functions skeletons, coding guidelines for the project, garbage collection, the mission loop, etc), i have some test scenarios to help me figure out the best way to do things in the game engine, but after this week or the other i will probably have this part sorted out.


So that's it guys, i will post some screenshots when i have something solid to show to you.


Criticism is welcome, but please lets keep it respectful ok guys?


Sorry for the uggly english mistakes.


See you in the next post!!! :D





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Ok, this sounds very interesting i certainly support you. Right now, almost the entire community has switched to the A3 so you may reconsider whether you should continue with A2. 

The idea does sound great and we'll see how it turns out.

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Hey there spotter001!


I totally agree with you, but unfortunately i am running on a almost obsolete machine.


I am able to play the game at a decent rate and code while i test the game, but switching to A3 i think it is too much for my pc.


And unfortunately in my country everything is expensive, specially computers :(


I will try to run A3 on my pc, probably will handle but not sure yet.


Thanks for the support and the suggestion, i really appreciate!

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Also another thing i forgot to mention, the only thing present in the mission editor will be the player, everything else will be included by script, so i believe it will be possible to just put the mission in your A3 missions folder and just play it, i would be very glad if someone can confirm this.

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Thanks spotter001, i am really glad that you enjoyed the idea!


I am working on the project everyday in my spare time, i hope to release an early alpha in 30 days or so.


Lets hope i have enough feedback to get the main features right in the early alpha.


Again, thanks!

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nice, in 30 days you can do a lot of work. But dont rush it, quality modding always takes a lot of time. 

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Totally agree with you there, i dont want to release a buggy or laggy mission, i really want the experience to be as smooth as possible.

Of course bugs will appear, but hey that is why i will release the mission as soon as i can to test and do some bug hunting. ;)

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Hello there soldiers!


The loot system is almost finished, next is the garbage collection and combat simulation modules, really soon i will have an Alpha version to release to the community :lol:


I am going to lay down a roadmap i think so i can organize the features.


Going to post some screenshots after i figure out why i cant take one with the PrtScn button.

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The loot system core algorithm is working as expected and the basic loot garbage collector is working as well :D

Things that are left to do until i release the Alpha:


  • Squad mechanics and reinforcement system
  • Conflict simulation
  • Trade and currency mechanics (i think i will release the alpha without this feature, i will add it after i refactor the code...which is....kinda ugly right now :mellow: )


I may launch the Alpha this week so stay tuned.


Let me know if you guys want any features before i release the Alpha, since there are no requests until now your request will be put on top of the list ;)


Cya later guys!

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