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Arma 3 + NVIDIA:

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I have found the following oddity in my RTP, and some information that might explain why A3 is not using all available Video Memory (in my case, maxing out at approx. 3GB Vram).

Background: I have a Geforce Titan with 6 GB of Vram, and 32 GB of system RAM, running Windows 8.1 x64.

In the RTP file, the engine reports 3072 MB of Vram and 1024 MB of shared system memory:

13:25:30 DX11 - Using DXGI adapter 0.

13:25:30 - adapter description : NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN

13:25:30 - adapter vendor ID : 4318

13:25:30 - adapter device ID : 4101

13:25:30 - adapter subsys ID : 663828546

13:25:30 - adapter revision : 161

13:25:30 - dedicated video memory : 3221225472

13:25:30 - dedicated system memory : 0

13:25:30 - shared system memory : 1073676288

Now, I have found in the Nvidia driver documentation that some APIs that report total available graphic memory (TAG) are using 32 Bits instead of 64 bits, which might lead to a limit to a total of 4 GB - this would be consistent with the 3072 + 1024 MB as reported in the RTP.

Known Product Limitations

Total Available Graphics Memory Reported Incorrectly

Background–TAG Memory

In the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM), Total Available Graphics (TAG) memory is reported as the sum of

• Dedicated Video Memory (video memory dedicated for graphics use)

• Dedicated System Memory (system memory dedicated for graphics use), and

• Shared System Memory (system memory shared between the graphics subsystem

and the CPU).

The values for each of these components are computed according to WDDM guidelineswhen the NVIDIA Display Driver is loaded.


Some TAG-reporting APIs represent video memory using 32-bits instead of 64-bits, and consequently do not properly report available graphics memory when the TAG would otherwise exceed 4 gigabytes (GB). This results in under reporting of available memory and potentially undesirable behavior of applications that rely on these APIs to report

available memory. The under reporting can be extreme. For example, 6 GB might be reported as 454 MB, and 8 GB might be reported as 1259 MB.

Driver Action for GeForce-based Graphics Systems

On graphics systems with less than 2.75 GB of advertized physical memory, the NVIDIA display driver typically limits the Shared System Memory to maintain a TAG memory value of less than 4 GB. This results in reliable reporting of sub-4 GB TAG memory on systems with less than 2.75 GB of advertized physical memory.


1) can someone with > =4GB of video memory confirm that they are also limited to 3072MB of dedicated video memory?

2) Is there any way around this limitation (-> Bohemia ?)


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16:43:03     - adapter description : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
16:43:03     - adapter vendor ID : 4318
16:43:03     - adapter device ID : 4489
16:43:03     - adapter subsys ID : 645085250
16:43:03     - adapter revision  : 161
16:43:03     - dedicated video memory : 3221225472
16:43:03     - dedicated system memory : 0
16:43:03     - shared system memory : 1073676288

As you can see I'm running a GTX 670. Its the 4GB VRAM model and 16GB of System RAM and the RPT shows the same as yours.

So in answer to your questions:

1. Yes.

2. Not unless Bohemia make ArmA 64bit compatible.

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