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seelenlos Markierungsdienst

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SL Markierungsdienst

(engl. Tag Sevice / Marker Service)


This mod draws icons over soldiers and vehicles indicating the soldiers class / vehicle type.

The icon's visibilty is influenced by environmental conditions.


Version: 1.7


Author: seelenlos


Authors website: http://arma.seelenlos.eu


Required Addons: None


Signed: not necessary



In reality you will be easily able to recognize someone just by the way he walks, even on long distances. In ArmA, this is not the case.

In order to help you finding and identifying your buddys, we decided to make this mod which will draw icons over

units belonging to your side in 3D space. The icon will represent the class of the soldier or vehicle he is sitting inside.

To avoid making this mod a cheat tool and enhance immersion the icons will shrink as the distance between you and your buddy increases.

Be careful, difficult conditions like fog, rain, dark nights or combinations of such will make it difficult to spot the icons even on short distances.

Use optical tools like Scopes, Binoculars, Night-vision glasses and such to improve your vision.

If you are close enough to you teammate, the mod will display his name as well.

The code is as performance friendly as possible. If there are large numbers of units around, you may see a lag in the change of the icon size

when raising your scope or something like that. But you will NOT experience fps drops, as the game engine is somewhat prioritized over the mod.



- marker icons in 3D space

- displays names of human players if close to them

- uses ArmA standard colors representing side

- displays infantry and vehicles with Crew > 0

- icons represent soldier class / vehicle type

- compatible with recent and future mods/addons/dlc's

- recognizes side change on the fly

- fog, rain, day/night, NV, distance and zoom influences visibility of icons

- no icons when using thermal sights

- performance friendly


The mod needs to be installed only on server side!






- Steam Workshop

- Armaholic (not up to date)



Fry from seelenlos-Team




License: GPLv3


Known Issues:

- (really small) lag in change of symbol size if >100 Units nearby

- displayed icon represents soldier class according to selected slot in the lobby;

Changing gear of course does not affect your class, so play as what you chose, damned!



- sorting by groups (mod units will be detected too)
- split code in two parts (slow code and realtime code)
- SLMD_oldMethod variable removed from slmd_settings

- RHSAFRF units are detected


- new method to calculate all parameters
    - old: while do loop
    - new: EachFrame EventHandler (faster calculation, less fps)
- changed safeZoneW -> safeZoneWAbs and safeZoneX -> safeZoneXAbs (Multi Monitor Support)

- userconfig (ArmA3\userconfig\slmd\slmd_settings.sqf)
    - define custom Color
    - switch between old and new method to calculate all parameters

The new method reduce my fps. 3 frames less then the old method. (64 units in field of view)

- detection of objects between you and other units to fade out thier marker (new script command lineIntersectsSurfaces)
- check if unit is in field of view (increase performance)



- first public release

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New mod v1.3 available at withSIX. Download now by clicking:



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