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Capture The Flag 2.1 Mission Pack

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Download link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28442
"Make Arma Not War" link: http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/ZPHKLjsfVq#.VRG8FvmsV0z
Dropbox (Download video FULL QUALITY): W.I.P.

What is this Capture The Flag 2.1 Mission Pack?

This is a Capture The Flag mission pack created with the mission engine I created for the Arma 3 contest “Make Arma Not Warâ€, Capture The Flag 2.0 - Quake. This new version is an hybrid between the CTF mission pack I created for the 88th Infantry Tournament (2014) and the original CTF 2.0 mission engine.

This mission engine has been created with a different way to create the systems/codes. All the effort was focused on achieving a unique Pc and Network friendly mission engine (CTF 2.1 has been created with 2 public variables and without triggers)

This mission pack contains 16 missions featuring:
. 34 nationalities that you can assign to the teams, like in a Football or Rugby match!
. Special codes/systems to guarantee HIGH FPS and LOW LAG from the beginning until the end.
. Last version of TRACKINGCAM system (Spectator mode to stream and control the match)
. Automatic Team killer system included by default (Automatic system with VOTING to deal with team killers)
. Arma 3 FATIGUE system disabled by default for DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY! (It can be turned on)
. Camera at the end of the mission that shows the winner team.
. Translations to: English, French, German and Spanish.
. Solid code tested by the 88th Infantry Tournament players (2014)
. Optional TAG and SMART MARKER systems.
. Respawn protection.
. Mission engine that works like a template to make easier to generate more missions.

Please take a look to the YouTube video to see how Arma 3 can run with HIGH FPS in a complex mission with a lot of action. Video has been recorded at 1920x108@60FPS The TrackingCAM footage shows a real complex multiplayer mission were players did not receive any special orders.

High FPS, low lag, no fatigue, solid performance from the beginning until the end, the Tag and Marker system in combination with voice communication brings Arma to another level.

How to use it?

1. Place the PBO files inside the "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions" folder.
2. Open the game.
4. Press "NEW"
5. Sever configuration:
- NAME: Give a name to your server.
- LAN: Will create a mission on your home/local network. The mission will be not visible on Internet.
- Internet: Will create the mission on Internet so your colleagues and others will be capable to join to the mission.
- MAX. PLAYERS: Set max number of players.
- PASSWORD: Set a password if you want.
6. Select "Stratis" or "Altis" from map list.
7. Select a CTF2-MissionName mission from the mission list.
(Recommended difficulty: Veteran)
8. Press "PLAY"
9. Remember that the ADMIN can change the mission parameters by pressing on the "PARAMETERS" button.

Thanks to:
[88] LORD, [88] Kinno, [88] Valtas, [88] Txikilain, TDR KAKO, [88] Ilegend, TDR Mustiov, [88] Damaxi, [88] Benitez, [88] togogo, TDR Michaeldelbe, ^katEr-begemot, ^mak.alex, TDR Darkso, TDR Nekros0, TDR SrCastro, TDR Gato, [88] GaNNicuS

Special thanks to:
U.N.A. (www.united-nations-army.eu) & 88th Co."Walking Death" eSports Club (www.88th.es)

Created by:

Murcielago (mgllgm@hotmail.com - [88] Murcielago)

24th March 2015, Oxford, UK.

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