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Arma Maps Wordpress Plugin

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10T has done a fantastic job tiling a number of Arma's maps for display in online Google Maps-style viewers. Unfortunately, actually getting those maps to display on a website isn't exactly nontrivial (especially if you want to add points of interest to the map in a manageable way). I've been working on a Wordpress plugin to simplify the process. Once the plugin is installed and the map tiles are uploaded to the server, it provides a simple interface for setting everything up:


Here's the configuration window for creating/editing a map:


The scale and offset settings enable the map coordinates to perfectly align with the in-game coordinates. Once I have a map configured, I can show it in a page using a simple shortcode. Here's what it looks like:


There are some markers shown here (the spawn traders in Epoch), and you can see the popup that displays when I right-click the map. The "plus sign" button in that popup shows that the user can add a marker to the map at that location. Click that button, and this popup is displayed:


Here you I set the information about the marker. For this example, the marker type is "warnings." I can completely customize marker types, as discussed later. I can also set whether the marker is for the map as a whole, just the server being displayed, or just for the game mode running on that map (the screenshot only shows Map or Server; I added the game mode feature since taking these screenshots). In addition to setting up maps, the plugin also allows me to set up servers and gamemodes. I wanted some markers (e.g., text labels for town names) to display on all servers running a particular map. But I also wanted "server" markers, that will only show up when a particular server is being displayed. When setting up a server in the plugin, I can also specify a game mode for that server. That allows me to add markers that should appear on particular maps running the same game mode. This is all sort of complicated, but the idea is to eliminate duplication.

After creating the above marker, this is how it looks:


The marker's popup displays the title, the description, its position, and some buttons. Those buttons allow me to edit, move, or delete the marker. I've also added another button that provides a URL link to the marker. You'll also notice in the upper-right corner that the map legend has been expanded. This legend allows the viewer to easily show and hide all markers of a certain type (since taking this screenshot, I've added a visual representation next to each marker type on the legend). If I uncheck the box for "Warning" markers (the type of the marker I just created), the new marker disappears:


If I were to re-check that box, it would reappear. As mentioned above, I can completely customize the different marker types:


I think that pretty much covers the basics. I've been developing this plugin slowly as sort of a fun project, but it's become fairly feature-rich. I've thought it might be helpful to people managing servers, communities, or other player groups. If people think it would be useful, I'll look into polishing it a bit more and releasing it. If you want to see it in action, here's a link.

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woow so cool!!

do you plan to release it in a near future ?

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Any chance of a release - download Zip File please, we would love to get this onto our site. :cool:

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