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Lost isles

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FIRST: we are using a pro version of L3DT was simply a joke (Pics)

2ND : we never ripped anything from Altis sat map we've been using LEMNOS (the real island for scale issue) like BI done .

3rd : we were fully allowed to use all E76 Roads and buildings by Falcos way Before MANW... we never used Applegate map.

So im not a huge fan of forum and i know why... everytime you fund someone trying to take you down, so DarkHorse I think you should ask directly BI to ban US if you SO sure of you .we've been expaining that too you for too long now you wrong and you still trying to find something wrong everywere ,i'm bored.


<a  href=988484Sanstitre.png' alt='988484Sanstitr

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Well, since the thread author registered himself a sock-puppet account to pat himself on the back and troll others, I'm afraid that's an instant-bye-bye violation right there.

killernetworkgaming has made a sufficiently compelling case that the second account was in fact a different person, so the ban has been reversed.

§11) No duplicate accounts

Having several accounts is strictly forbidden. If you want to get a new account contact a moderator. If you wish to change your name for any reason we will be happy to do that, if you discover you inadvertently ended up with two accounts we can merge them for you, better to inform a moderator than risk being banned as a "dupe". Please note that due to abuse by people trying to circumvent the duplicate account rules we do not allow forum accounts to access the forums using a VPN/Proxies/Tor network etc. etc. if you feel that you need to use this kind of service because of security/privacy/network tunnelling concerns please contact a moderator.

So this thread is getting closed anyway, but since the origin of the work showed here also seems to be extremely questionable, I'll go ahead and remove all images and links as well.

@LIMIT: if you want to keep promoting this mod on this forum, you'll need to contact the moderating team before creating a new thread.

We'll be talking to KNG directly about this.

Edited by MadDogX

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