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arma 3 Life, Vertex Gaming Heavy Modded A3L server.

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We are one of the most modded server on Arma 3, we have based our mod off A3L. E.G: we got all the cars, weapons, clothes and everything on A3L. But with us, we don't just stop there, we have 150 different guns, 70 new cars, we have PMC, and we are still adding more mods/ scripts into our server all the time.

We are one of a kind. We are a Serious Roleplaying server.

if you got any questions please go to http://vertex-community.enjin.com/home to ask them and to get any information you need.

About us:

Lakeside Life thrives to be different than any other community out there on the map. We worked hard on making sure that you will enjoy features and career path like no other server can offer you. Our server is based on a custom map which we will keep improving on. New areas, new shops, new opportunities will be made available as time goes on. We have a dedicated developer, testers and admins who will keep investing their time on making sure this server becomes better. but we just started out so if you want to try somthing new then come join us and get in on the fun and have a better time then same old altis all the time plus we are looking into more idea what players want to see so come and join and make it the best server.

We have already implemented many features including:

- Whitelisted PMC

- Custom cars, planes and helicopters

- Custom weapons and rebel items

- Custom uniforms

- Custom Police props (tazers, items and clothing)

- Custom SWAT equipment and Uniforms

- Custom Anti-hack and Anti-cheats system

- Dynamic environment and weather

- Special Government Units

- Realistic economy

- Various car dealers: From Low-end to Super cars (Lambos, Ferraris... etc)

- Rebel outposts

- Bicycles

- Donator shop with access to exclusive vehicles

-handcuff for rebels to take civ and cops hostage

just added today 21-1-2015

- Slavery

-Dogs as civ

We also have custom jobs, both legal and illegal, including:

- Whitelisted cops

- Whitelisted medics

- Non whitelisted as Rebels

- Drug traffickers

- Diamond runners

- Copper, iron, sand and oil traders

- Taxi drivers

-Tow truck driver

The list of opportunities is endless and we will keep adding features, job opportunities and vehicles... We are here for the long run and are dedicated to making this one of the top communities out there. we are looking for developers to join us and make this bigger and better.

Come and join the server.

all the mod downloads and everything you need is on our website:



Senior Admin


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I think you'll be contravening the new monetisation directives ...

Vertex Gaming donations

you do get perks ingame for donating there are no refunds on donations or charge backs donator can be banned and if you do not follow rules you will get banned and no refund will be given. donor perks are to be done and if you no got all please see staff to get all donor perks you need

No charging for perks now.

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they ant getting perks in game. they donated to the server, and we gave them something to say thank you, if that is money or something.

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