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How can I script this custom loadout for the SU-25?

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Hello, I was reading various threads on people requesting info on how to config an init script for airplanes and such to include customizable loadouts for planes and choppers.

What i'm interested in doing is adding 6 additional B-8m1 rocket pods to the default SU-25 in game to appear such as this:

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/db/SU-25_Frogfoot.JPG (4544 kB)

I know the plane has by default 2 pods modeled on it already, but i'm sure that these pods are just fixed with the 'attachto' command or something similar. I would like to have 4 B-8m1 rocket pods per wing and assign them to memory points located on each wing hardpoint, then add magazine s-5 rockets and configure them to fire in alternating pairs.

I am unsure how to do this and would greatly appreciate some help on how to do this process..

thank you.

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you can use our su25, which even has S13 rockets too


this took a reworking of the actual model to achieve as the rocketpods on the inner two pylons are fixed in stock model.



or use my custom loadout script, and edit the text to add the rocketpod mags, rocket mags and weapons



the weapons and mags of the plane can be varied easily enough but to see the pod in game

you need to make a new pbo with the S8launcher.p3d as a model in a custom ammo you made, then add it to a magazine and then add 4 of the mags to the outer proxies...

however they may not fit correctly because the proxies on the mid wing are FAB250 proxies not s8launcher ones, so they may be further back or forward than looks nice.

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