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  1. sorry I'm resurrecting an old thread, but still can't find sensitivity settings for joystick bank that banks as fast as mouse does.. was wondering if anyone rectified this since i've posted over 3 years ago.. I'm looking for other's who have had the same problem and have played with the settings and got as close as possible to mouse sensitivity regarding the banks..
  2. Hi.. I just bought a new gaming mouse/wireless keyboard combo - you know the one that comes with one nano receiver Mouse works great, except when trying to navigate menu, target, get out, get in etc.. it scrolls WAY TOO DAMN FAST mouse wheel is super touchy. I went into windows and checked mouse smoothing option is on.. also played with mouse smoothing settings in game - NO CHANGE. I also clicked on the device itself to see if there were any options to change scroll speed, but all there was listed was the ability to change how many lines it scrolls vertically and horizontally.. I changed it to 1 notch = 1 line, but it didn't make a difference in game.. currently game unplayable for me unless there is a mouse setting specifically for mouse wheel scroll speed.. thanks
  3. he suggested I ask on the forum ironically.. guessing he was too busy to give me a detailed answer
  4. Hi, I was wondering if I were to take a mod I downloaded, how I could get one specific vehicle (in this case an aircraft) from the mod and load it into the editor so I could play around with weapon load outs and stuff. For example, if somebody has a specific version of the SU-25, How do I tell the game that I want the one in the mod to be loaded and not the one that comes in the Air.pbo that it's packed in? Is there a way I could load this specific aircraft into the armoury for testing as well?
  5. I read your previous post.. i'm "wishful" for an I44 Dev response
  6. Hey.. I'm hoping that some I44 dev comes on here and reads this. I know it's been 2 years since release of 2.6 and I know everyone is waiting in anticipation for 2.7. There are some major issues that most likely will be addressed in 2.7 - considering it's a complete overhaul of airplanes. But I think there might also be some major gameplay bugs that may not be addressed. For example, a known I44 bug is with tanks that have mutiple MG positions - take for example sherman or panzer IV Ausf. E , both have radio operator/ co driver MG's.. but when player is in the tank, they do not fire, EVER. When you jump out of vehicle they fire normally at any target in their LOS. This was pointed out in a dev heaven bug report, but PacUK mentioned that it was an Arma2/BIS bug.. This USED to be true until they fixed it in a bug. Now vehicles like BMP-3 fire from all mg positions. Was wondering if anyone in the I44 community could have any idea on how to fix this scripting wise... Also another known bug is with the Ju-87 Stuka.. the tail gunner slides out as soon as the plane gets airborne.. PacUK said this was because of an old .sqf script using the 'attach to' command instead of attaching the gunner via proper turret - which is now possible due to engine update. I know this might be addressed in 2.7, but for those of us that can't wait for the possibility of a 2.7 release - I again ask the community how this script could be fixed... Everyone here appreciates the hard, thankless job that the I44 dev's have done, but I would really appreciate an update from PacUk or Gnat on the status of 2.7.. If it's still being worked on, no end in sight, or just shelved for the time being..
  7. Hello, I was reading various threads on people requesting info on how to config an init script for airplanes and such to include customizable loadouts for planes and choppers. What i'm interested in doing is adding 6 additional B-8m1 rocket pods to the default SU-25 in game to appear such as this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/db/SU-25_Frogfoot.JPG (4544 kB) I know the plane has by default 2 pods modeled on it already, but i'm sure that these pods are just fixed with the 'attachto' command or something similar. I would like to have 4 B-8m1 rocket pods per wing and assign them to memory points located on each wing hardpoint, then add magazine s-5 rockets and configure them to fire in alternating pairs. I am unsure how to do this and would greatly appreciate some help on how to do this process.. thank you.
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    Warfare BE

    Hi, I haven't seen Benny post in a long time, so I hope this post finds him and he can address some balance issues in 2.073 Mi-24 Hind "D" This used to have a bunch of S-5 rockets.. This variant was useless with it's 7.62 MG and Falanga missle which never finds it's target.. but for infantry and light skin vehicles, it had a purpose with the S-5 rockets.. Why take them away? makes the "d" version Hind completely a waste of time. SU-25 Same as above.. Rockets were removed + cost of airplane is too high.. There is an issue with planes like this - as well as the A-10 that have no missile detection system whatsoever. Any one with stinger, or AA pod, can shoot these down with almost 100% accuracy as missle detection system is absent and no missile shows up on their radar. Therefore, price should be offset to reflect this until BI fixes this KNOWN ISSUE. A-10 price change, see above. Artillery ( MLRS,GRAD, D-30, M113,) AI randomly blows itself up while calling fire mission. Even if distance is OK - not set to "too close ". This is a bug and at some point int the mission, I ALWAYS lose my artillery due to rounds landing on own guns.. This needs to be fixed! Hull Gunner/ Loader not firing while player in vehicle. Seems like if you were in let's say M1A1 Tusk.. Ai commander detects multiple AI threats to the 12 o'clock position.. Tank is oriented 12 o'clock, but only the gunner and SOMETIMES the commander fire on threats, while the loader remains idle. when you step out of the vehicle, all three mgs open up. The same could be said of the BMP-3, both hull gunners don't shoot until you exit the vehicle.. If I think of anything else, i'll add it on later.. THANKS!
  9. Hi.. I edited the Su-25 .p3d model (open source) and modified it to change the model to a different variant. What I did was copy and carefully place the B-8M1 rocket launcher pods so there were now four per wing. I understand the additional 6 pods added would probably have to be textured, but I wanted to see how these pods would look on the aircraft in game. I packed it up and tried to launch in the editor, but for some reason the default Su-25 showed up, even though I temporarily deleted the Su-25.p3d that was in the air_e.pbo, and replaced it with the modified one.. Here is a detailed list of what I have done, so maybe somone could show me the correct way to include this modified file. -Unpbo'd an open source Su-25 and got the Su-25.p3d file. -imported the Su-25.p3d file into blender and carefully modified it. -exported the Su-25.p3d back into it's native .p3d format -unpbo'd the air_e.pbo file in operation arrowhead folder/expansion/addons -made back up of original file, temporarily moved air_e.pbo to different folder. -replaced Su-25.p3d file with the same name, but modified file that I created. -packed the file into new air_e.pbo -placed new air_e.pbo into operation arrowhead/expansion/add ons folder. ran game, went into editor, made su-25, but it was the old, original file! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? my goal is to see how it looks, copy the texture from original B-8m1 pods to new ones, then configure script to alternate rockets to fire from opposite pod pairs, (i.e. left #1 and right #1 fire . then left #2 and right #2 fire.. etc.) any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hi, I love flying the in game SU-25/39 in versions of CTI warfare, I was wondering what it would take to remodel the open source SU-25 and add extra rocket pods per wing, then script the plane to alternate firing S8 rockets from different pairs of rocket pods. the plane would look something like this: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhoi_Su-25#mediaviewer/File:SU-25_Frogfoot.JPG I would love to have this version in the game as it would be awesome for anti-infantry and anti-tank roles!
  11. i'm having serious problems running this mod successfully... I run it thru Steam.. Steam used to have a ' play combined ops ' button, which has long been removed. playwithsix does NOT have this mod listed. I used the old sixupdater and it trys to update or repair the mod, but fails everytime.. the version I downloaded is ver. 2.666 from armaholic or mod.db can't remember which one.. it was the ver.2.666 standalone. I try and launch the game thru a launcher and select CBA_CO and I44 as the only two addons. I get a whole bunch of error messages like ' xxx requires an addon Utes to be installed ", and can't find this plant texture, or can't find this.... I get a black dialog box that pops up when i'm playing a multiplayer game like merderet river... it displays a bunch of error messages... I need to find a way to successfully launch combined ops mode thru steam, and find out why the mod isn't working correctly... any suggestions on what mod launcher to use that will allow me to select both the I44 and cba_co mods and correctly launch the game in combined ops mode? Thank You
  12. fair enough.. let me know if you need help! oh and btw link was wrong one anyway
  13. Ohally, Coyote is already in game! http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=13831 I haven't checked it out.. but from the screen shot it is MINT! if the interior is not on par, I can get high res pics myself by climbing into one at work (i'm a gunner on a coyote in RL). this model would have to have realistic gunnery sights, as well as fully functional surv gear of course! I can help with stuff like that.. pm me ;-)
  14. @ Slipperliverz ... This info is incorrect.. What Harper did was give us back the name " Royal " to our Navy, as well as give the old insignia back to the anchor on the navy epaulette. as far as further info on the brown boot recall, all I know is you are allowed to wear them still but none will be issued, and for overseas deployment they are not issued.. So garrison boots at best! @Ohally... I also have been in 8 years... are you PPCLI? I have tons of info, specs and pictures for anything armoured.. That includes Coyote, Lav III, Bison, LUVW, LSVW, HLVW, MLVW, the " new" HLVW, etc... full pics of interiors and what not can be easily obtained...some stuff might have to be omitted of course... pm me bro and i'll get you what you want...