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117th MTE Realism Unit RECRUITING

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Hello, and greetings from the staff of the 117th MTE [Multiple Tactical Environments] ArmA 2 Realism Unit. Our unit is just starting up and looking for good recruits. The unit uses a combination of ArmA 2 mods such as ACE/ACRE to enhance gameplay and completes bi-weekly operations with a serious nature.

Our group will not be restricted by factions or lack of variety. We will fight on every terrain with a variety of weapons and, vehicles. There will be themes to missions such as an invasion of a beachhead in france or harsh fighting in the jungles of vietnam. We will be open to suggestions for new missions and, the community will always be involved.

If you are interesting joining the unit please submit an application here:

(http://goo.gl/q3bqMk). Once you have filled out the application please join the teamspeak (MTE.TS3.NFOSERVERS.COM), hop into one of the recruitment channels so we can get a captain of our group to have a look at it.

The unit is starting operations and, looking for people who will have a positive involvement In-game and community. We are going to have a big emphasis on community and teamwork. We are looking to have a player base of like minded individuals who know when to be jokers and when to be serious.


We are currently looking for member’s that can meet our schedule and, show up to operations and, trainings at least every other week. Our current schedule looks like this:

Saturday and Sunday - 3:00PM Eastern Standard time (17:00 UTC)

Planning on adding weekday sessions and community game nights


Our current staff is made up of 3 people which are the founding fathers of this unit.

We have StateBDog from America (Steam: StateBDog ; StateBDog@gmail)

Madsl from Norway (Steam: Fluffmaster)

And last but not least Jurasicpork (Steam Name), also from America.

Thank you for reading this and we hope to see many of you on the field!

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