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  1. USAF 5th Combat Squadron ArmA 2 Milsim Unit Recruiting Hi, I'm Capt. StateBDog, commanding officer of the USAF 5th Combat Squadron, and we're looking for new, able-bodied recruits to enlist as airmen in the unit. The group is built on a friendly but tactical environment that provides like minded individuals with a chance to experience a new kind of ArmA milsim. By enlisting in the squadron, you are taking advantage of an opportunity to be a part of a new unit in the ArmA community and help found the core principles essential to any organization. Airmen here participate in instructional trainings and exercises to prepare for operations and campaigns, frequently done jointly with other units. Once you enlist in the squadron, you will need to choose a role. Available roles are listed below: Transport Pilot Security Forces Special Operations JTAC Special Operations Pararescue To enlist, head on over to our website (listed below) and fill out an application form. Feel free to join the TS at any time. Hope to see you by our side! Website: 5sq.enjin.com Teamspeak: ab108.ts.nfoservers.com Contact Info: StateBDog@gmail.com
  2. Introduction Hello, and greetings from the staff of the 117th MTE [Multiple Tactical Environments] ArmA 2 Realism Unit. Our unit is just starting up and looking for good recruits. The unit uses a combination of ArmA 2 mods such as ACE/ACRE to enhance gameplay and completes bi-weekly operations with a serious nature. Our group will not be restricted by factions or lack of variety. We will fight on every terrain with a variety of weapons and, vehicles. There will be themes to missions such as an invasion of a beachhead in france or harsh fighting in the jungles of vietnam. We will be open to suggestions for new missions and, the community will always be involved. If you are interesting joining the unit please submit an application here: (http://goo.gl/q3bqMk). Once you have filled out the application please join the teamspeak (MTE.TS3.NFOSERVERS.COM), hop into one of the recruitment channels so we can get a captain of our group to have a look at it. The unit is starting operations and, looking for people who will have a positive involvement In-game and community. We are going to have a big emphasis on community and teamwork. We are looking to have a player base of like minded individuals who know when to be jokers and when to be serious. Schedule We are currently looking for member’s that can meet our schedule and, show up to operations and, trainings at least every other week. Our current schedule looks like this: Saturday and Sunday - 3:00PM Eastern Standard time (17:00 UTC) Planning on adding weekday sessions and community game nights Staff Our current staff is made up of 3 people which are the founding fathers of this unit. We have StateBDog from America (Steam: StateBDog ; StateBDog@gmail) Madsl from Norway (Steam: Fluffmaster) And last but not least Jurasicpork (Steam Name), also from America. Thank you for reading this and we hope to see many of you on the field!
  3. Hey guys, I run an ArmA 2 Unit called Strike Force Six, and we are looking for new members. The unit is based on quick, insert & extract strike missions. You don't have to commit to any roles, nor do you need to spend all of your time in the unit. It's all about having fun and being with like minded people. If you're interested, hop on the teamspeak: Teamspeak: sf6.ts.nfoservers.com If you need to contact me, email me here @ StateBDog@gmail.com
  4. "The jedi knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic for over a thousand generations." ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi The Force Sworn Jedi Republic is a gaming unit with a focus on ArmA 2: CO. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a squad of clones in the Galactic Republic decided not to follow Order 66. They had been empowered by a Jedi with the ability to connect with the Force, not bow to a master. As a result, they took to a starship and headed into space, allowing the force to take them where it wishes. They would find a new galaxy and ensure that it doesn't fall like theirs did. They landed on Earth during start of World War II and saw nothing but horror. A man by the name of HItler claimed to be able to cure it all, but after seeing what he had done under the shadows, the clones would not follow him. They saw the dark side in him and realized that he had come from a long line of Sith warriors on Earth. The troopers soon realized that the Jedi were on Earth as well and that all conflicts there had been based on the Jedi protecting the world and the Sith attempting to control it. The troopers realized that Hitler was no more than a Sith, so they joined up with Allied Powers and greatened their strength, providing them with advanced technology of nuclear weapons to end the war. But the power invested in the Allies soon became corrupt, as a power struggle known as the "Cold War" erupted. That is when the troopers realized they must be sworn only to the Force and operate under the shadows to keep the world in order. Now, the troopers carry on the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic, hunting down the undercover Sith in the world (Stalin, Hitler, Osama) and protecting the Jedi (Nelson Mandela, US Presidents, Spiritual Leaders). That's right. Every death you heard of, every failed assassination, that was just us doing what we do best. The Force Sworn Jedi Republic (FSJR) plays custom ArmA 2 missions together centered on hunting Sith and protecting Jedi. Discusions of who is who, and what actions to be taken are all discussed. If you are interested in the unit, enroll and become part of the Force that keeps your world in order! Website: http://forceswornjedirepublic.enjin.com/home Teamspeak: fsjr.ts.nfoservers.com ArmA2 Server: Star Wars FSJR Force Sworn Jedi Republic (.enjin.com) (Passworded)
  5. StateBDog

    Safety of Hosting A Server?

    Thank you SOOO much. What I meant by "safe," in regards to the hosting providers, is if any, which I am sure is the case with some, will take advantage of my information in any way. In other words, I wanted to know which provider was, in the user's opinion, was the most professional and best one to use, which you answered. I was just trying to type out the mental list I had; I'm obviously new to this. Thanks again!
  6. What are the risks of hosting an Arma 2 Combined Operations Takistan Life Dedicated Server? I wish to host one but do not want to put myself at risk, or anyone on the server, for that matter. My main concern is if my IP address can be stolen or that someone who joins the server or is involved with it will be able to access or harm my computer. I know that in order to have the server up 24/ 7, which I intend to have, one must pay a company, website, etc. to host it, such as NFO hosting. How safe are these? Can they harm or access my computer, steal my IP address, or take advantage of me, considering that I am paying them (safety of that)? Which one is the best to use, as far as safety, price, and quality go? How is Battle Eye installed into the server? How do I stay completely safe of it, all around over time? What should I be, particularly, aware of? Is the Takistan Life mod okay to use? Resources would be appreciated as well! Thanks!