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==No addons needed for this mission==

Hi guys, my name is BENW, this is my second mission. It is currently in Alpha stage,

I spent a lot of time making this mission, hope you guys enjoy it!



You and your squad are sent to North of Altis to find and destroy the enemy aircraft prototype. Beware of this unknow place, plan well and finish your task.


1. Tested in Dedicated Server, SinglePlayer

2. Complete JIP compatible for Tasks, missions, objects, etc.

3. AI Overhaul - Reactive Squads

4. Helicopter Insertion

5. Dynamic Starting time

6. Soldier caching techniques

7. Dynamically spawned AIs.

8. ASOR Gear Selector

9. BTC Revive

10. CAS Support

11. Escort Heli

This missions is still being updated everyday, so please feel free to leave any comments, thanks guys, hope you enjoy it



Google Driver:


1. every player who played my mission

2. Shuko of LDD Kyllikki for taskmaster

3. Diesel5187, sykoCrazy,RedPhoenix for the NATO Hellcats textures

4. Genesis92x for the Vcom AI

5. Community wiki and the great ARMA community

6. Beerkan FARP Design

7. Giallustio =BTC= REVIVE"









Edited by benw

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download it from Armaholic.

Dos not Work on dedicated Server (Version 1.24) .

Server Crashs when i join the server with error missiing File:

include file a3\function_f\Params\paramWeather.hpp

Delete the Mission, Server works fine.....

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what is the path of your server folder for storing mission pbo


doesn't matter, i removed this line from description.ext

uploaded new mission file in both steam and google drive


Edited by benw

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Sounds great. Installed on the CiA coop server. Will let you know how it went. Might take a while becasue we are rarely only 6 players.

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