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Server Consistently Crashes When mission is read

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Has anybody been able to connect to a server running IF and actually play a mission without it crashing?

This has happened ever since we had to use the steam updates. I have tried all methods I can possibly think of, vanilla If using steam launcher, 3rd party launcher and the actual a2oa server exe and no go. When I revert back to 1.62, there are no issues.

Is this why I see no servers running the IF mod and the 1.63 update?

I do have crash reports if anybody wants to see.

Starting to lose my hair.... and turn big and green...cant keep replacing my clothes cause it is getting rather expensive...

update! so it seems there are errors with the DLC and IF Other Addons that the new patch 1.63 does not like. I started removing stuff and now have my server running with an FK edit of Dom and I am able to join and leave no problem so far. This is just running CBA CO and IF, no other mods.

Rodserver is the name for anyone interested in playing. I will do more tests tomorrow, going to play for a bit now.

update#2! so it seems I cannot connect anymore without the server crashing even with just the original game loaded and latest 1.63 patch. Frustrating to say the least...

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