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11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Recruiting)

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11th Marine Expeditionary Unit

2nd Battalion, 1st Marines

The 11th MEU is a Arma 2 CO realism unit.

We focus on playing realistic but still keep the game fun and accessible.

We strive to be one of the best marine units out there and we will reach this goal through realism, fun and good tactics. Currently we are focusing on Arma 2 but when the time is right, we will switch to Arma 3 as well as Arma 2.

We are looking for members which are:

  • Mature
  • Know basics of Arma 2
  • We are multi-cultural, but you must be able to speak fluent English
  • Older than 16 or are 16 years of age (exceptions can be made if a member vouches for you)
  • Have a microphone or plan of getting a microphone
  • Have a working Arma 2 CO Copied
  • Cannot be BattleEye banned
  • Have an working copy of Teamspeak
  • Must commit to only the 11th MEU in the ArmA community. Other games are a case by case and must be approved by Headquarters.
  • Be honest about being apart of/joining other Units/Clans. It will prove you a trustworthy person.
  • Make our training times / Event times

We do run ACE/ACRE if you are completely new to those mods.

We have a special course set up to teach you the basics and get you on your way.

We have tech support set up to help you installing your mods

Our Teamspeak3: host.hnscclan.com:9993

Our website: http://www.11thmarineexpeditionaryunit.org

Hope to see you soon on the battlefield,

Sgt. N. Barden and PFC. N. Parker

2nd Battalion, 1st Marines

Alpha Company

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