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  1. 201st Joint Task Force Arma 3 Realism Unit No Man Left Behind, Always Finish The Fight [201st JTF Recruitment] Arma 3 Realism Unit The 201st JTF is a Tactical Realism unit that strives to provide an environment of professionalism, training, loyalty, pride, commitment and fun to all its members! Our Group Info. Group: 201st Joint Task Force [201st JTF] Most played game mode: CO-OP / Patrol Ops/ Custom Task Force Radio: Utilized Ranks imposed: Yes Timezone: 2pm Eastern /7pm Greenwich Mean Time Zone (UTC+00:00) Main language: English Teamspeak: eurots1.gameservers.com:9332 We strive to organize 1 Operations and 2 training's per week. The 201st JTF leadership is currently staffed by current and former members of various Armed Forces from around the world. Their real life dedication, loyalty, discipline and experience is what shaped the unit into the very well oiled machine that it is today. By becoming a member, you are being brought in to help carry on a legacy of Excellence, we expect nothing less from everyone. Remember: Nothing is given, everything is earned! we promote when it is warranted and we keep a slim and streamlined command structure and do not have a clutter of officers. Before you are ready to enlist into the 201st JTF, make sure you understand if we are a good unit for you and read the requirements to see if you are a good fit for us. You will need to submit an application and conduct an integration interview on teamspeak, which will allow us to ascertain your strengths and where you will fit best with in our Unit. The requirements: - -Must Be Active. -Must be at least 14 years old and speak understandable English though if you are under the age apply anyways if your application stands out we are always willing to make exceptions. -Must have Teamspeak 3 would would also prefer a working microphone but if that is not possible being able to work with that disadvantage will endear you to the community. -Must be able to follow simple commands and if given an order to be able to carry out missions without guidance if necessary. -Must have A legitimate copy of Arma 3 installed on your computer and operational This is of course is self explanatory. -Must be willing and able to download and install our Mod-Pack - Must enjoy working as part of a structured fighting force What we have to offer! - Fun and relaxed environment - A dedicated Public server The Realism is one of the main concepts of the 201st JTF. Our dedication to trying to create a realistic military unit in virtual reality. As a member you'll receive the same respect as anyone else should in the real military, if you show respect to others you will gain it. Non Officers address Officers by their rank or Sir in Operations and training and you will be addressed in kind by other members, respect works both ways in the 201st JTF. We work together to create the brotherhood that military units should have. So.. are you ready to join the Elite? Lets see what your made of Soldier In the 201st Joint Task Force we offer something for everybody. If you want to be infantry your wish is our command you can become an elite fighting machine! Lets say you have seen and played to much infantry action and you want something a bit different, you can have that too. In the 201st Joint Task Force we do have a Aviation but we can't guarantee a place in it as it is very restricted as we need more boots than pilots. If you are going to apply you must: 1. Be above the age of 14 and Own Arma 3. 2. Have TS3 3. Download and Install the mods required for compatible gameplay. 4. Have a mature understanding of milsim. 5. Be willing to learn and have fun! Military tactical knowledge is a bonus! Kind regards, MSG N. Parker Teamspeak: eurots1.gameservers.com:9332 Website: http://201stjtf.enjin.com/
  2. 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines The 11th MEU is a Arma 2 CO realism unit. We focus on playing realistic but still keep the game fun and accessible. We strive to be one of the best marine units out there and we will reach this goal through realism, fun and good tactics. Currently we are focusing on Arma 2 but when the time is right, we will switch to Arma 3 as well as Arma 2. We are looking for members which are: Mature Know basics of Arma 2 We are multi-cultural, but you must be able to speak fluent English Older than 16 or are 16 years of age (exceptions can be made if a member vouches for you) Have a microphone or plan of getting a microphone Have a working Arma 2 CO Copied Cannot be BattleEye banned Have an working copy of Teamspeak Must commit to only the 11th MEU in the ArmA community. Other games are a case by case and must be approved by Headquarters. Be honest about being apart of/joining other Units/Clans. It will prove you a trustworthy person. Make our training times / Event times We do run ACE/ACRE if you are completely new to those mods. We have a special course set up to teach you the basics and get you on your way. We have tech support set up to help you installing your mods Our Teamspeak3: host.hnscclan.com:9993 Our website: http://www.11thmarineexpeditionaryunit.org Hope to see you soon on the battlefield, Sgt. N. Barden and PFC. N. Parker 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines Alpha Company
  3. lonekiller

    Middle East Irregulars

    This add-on is awesome I love all the textures
  4. This thing is awesome I've played for hours on end