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{EST} 75th Infantry Division {Milsim}

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75th Infantry Division is a brand new unit with plenty of opportunities to explore an experience into realistic military engagements, and demonstrate ability to carry out swift combat operations. The unit is new, so there are plenty of slots available, including leadership, engineer, medical, and basic combat roles. The 75th is based on the actual US Army, and many future operations will be based on small, realistic simulations.

Available slots include:





Various Heavy Weapon specialists

Team Leaders

And more

Reqs to join:

Must be at least 16 years of age.

Must own a legitimate copy of Arma 2 CO.

Must own a functional Microphone.

Must be willing to not only listen to orders, but plan and carry out each order.

Have patience with a new unit, and help shape the future of the 75th ID.

Add me on steam for more info.


Website: http://75thinfantry.enjin.com/recruitment

Come enter the TS for more info, and poke me for a quick interview if you wish to apply.

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