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  1. Arma3 Videos

    Did a tiny review/reveal on the new CSAT Snow Tigers mod. It introduces a nice re-skin of the existing CSAT forces to fit into Arctic environments. The changes go beyond uniforms and vests, full vehicle and weapon (Marksman DLC) camos are included! The mod is Alive and Zeus compatible, so be sure to check this out if your group is interested in having some great OPFOR on maps like Thirsk or Helvantis.
  2. Arma3 Videos

    Started a new guide on some of the basics of Arma milsim. This is just a pilot video, but I believe it came out well enough to share with all of you. Here is my brief review on some of the guns in the new Marksmen DLC.
  3. Made a video to showcase things =)
  4. Joint Task Force Bayonet - NATO SOF

    We have recruited valuable new members and have begun to expand even more. We look forward to adding new content creators, mission designers and other talented personnel to our team. We've created a schedule: - Official Operations every other week (Saturday, 8 EST) - Specialized training select Wednesdays/Thursdays (8 EST) - Basic Combat Training for new recruits every week opposite to official operations (Saturday, 8 EST) - Group Insurgency or similar mission should there be no need for a BCT session Our first operation is this weekend, while many of you aspiring to join might not have the opportunity to join us, feel free to subscribe to our Youtube channels and follow our progress.
  5. Joint Task Force Bayonet Joint Task Force Bayonet is the combination of three military branches: - Nato SOF - 24th SOW - 5th MEU This post is dedicated specifically to the NATO SOF branch, and it’s aviation counterpart, the 24th SOW. The unit will only give to those who join expecting to give in return. Mission Statement: The mission of this unit is to create a relaxed and drama-free gaming community focused around the Arma 3 game, while creating a bond of brotherhood. Despite our aim to be a relaxed group, we take our training and operation events seriously, out of respect for the men and women who have served and who are serving. The unit's main method of governing itself is a democracy, each member of the unit gets to have a say in a majority of the unit's action including disciplinary actions. Given the nature of Arma and it's community, the founders of the unit felt best to push away from the common concepts of other Arma units. Why restrict yourself when you have so many resources to draw upon? The idea of being a Joint Task Force allows us to encourage and enable our members to represent other branches of the military, as well as other countries' militaries. With that being said, all members of the unit are not restricted to any one role. We will hold lessons on many combat roles, allowing us to share the tools and knowledge to make our unit as skilled as possible. This will create a diverse community of players, each representing their country/branch of choice, while still able to maintain a group of interchangeable troops. With that said, the unit is governed by the "Three Talking Heads," which include James, Wolfy and Wilson. These three have the final say when pressing matters occur to the unit, as they are also the ones responsible for ensuring the basics of the unit are met. These basics include a functional server, website, and schedule for events. Following the Talking Heads, comes the group. When there is a vote within the unit, it should be noted that Wilson's vote and an official group member's vote are equal. The Talking Heads simply exist to operate with executive control. The power is in the groups hands. Once we accept you, you become an equal part of the machine. Nato Special Operations Forces SOF operators are accepted after completing a basic combat training administered by the NATO SOF command element, as well as a 30 day trial period, in which fellow SOF operators have agreed to instate the new member. SOF operators will be expected to complete extremely challenging missions, while almost permanently undermanned. Due to the challenging nature of our missions, NATO SOF will conduct frequent, and diverse, trainings. All members are expected to attend most, if not all, possible training sessions. These sessions will not be time-wasting BCT. We do not repeat training for the sake milsim. Operators will be required to demonstrate their capacity to perform missions on a simple scale to our staff. However, following the demonstration, operators will partake in advanced trainings which will sharpen the operators ability in multiple facets. These trainings will include (but are not limited to): - AIT: Will cover basic infantry roles (Autorifleman, Grenadier, etc.) - Leadership courses: Will be responsible for Team/Squad Leader training - CQB/MOUT: Combat courses to sharpen ability to perform in high-intensity firefights - Scout/Sniper: Will focus on advanced reconnaissance training, supplanted by long range marksmanship - Opfor tactics: Advanced training in the unconventional warfare demanded by the unit. Includes escape and evade, guerrilla warfare and other unconventional tactics. - Motorized Training: Focused on providing operators with the skill to maneuver the battlefield correctly through convoys or other unconventional modes. - Mechanized training: Training to correctly operate APCs and IFVs on the battlefield. - Tank training: Training to operate tanks on the battlefield. - JTAC: Course to provide operators with the skills to coordinate air assets on the battlefield. - UAV/UGV training: Training to allow JTAC qualified operators to utilize personal reconnaissance and fire support. The primary role of the SOF is to conduct unconventional warfare. This includes (and is not limited to): - Direct action missions - Reconnaissance - Peacekeeping operations - Counter-terrorism - Intelligence gathering - Mobility operations - Emergency supply missions - Search and destroy - Hostage rescue - Search and rescue SOF is also in charge of supporting all conventional battle groups. SOF operators will support either the 5th MEU, or an ally conventional force during a joint operation. This might include emergency aid, reconnaissance, specialized tasking or possibly leading vanguard during larger scale operations. Due to our the wide, and well made, universe of Arma equipment/weaponry, all units under the SOF have the freedom to choose their gear from any NATO nation (or captured gear, if the situation permits). This allows our members to simulate special operations atmosphere, while maintaining a high degree of freedom and enjoyment. 24th Special Operations Wing THERE ARE NO UNITS PERMANENTLY ASSIGNED TO THIS BATTLEGROUP. Pilots are selected from eligible operators of the NATO SOF on a mission-by-missions basis. The 24th SOW is the aviation attachment to the NATO SOF. All pilots are required to attend numerous courses offered by JTFB with regards to aviation. These courses include: - Basic Rotary-wing operation - Basic Fixed-wing operation - Advanced Rotary-wing transport procedure - Advanced Fixed-wing transport procedure - Providing CAS from a light attack helicopter - Providing CAS from an attack helicopter - Air interdiction from Fixed-wing aircraft - Providing CAS from a Fixed-wing aircraft - Emergency procedure - Pilot Escape and Evade The 24th SOW is tasked with providing Close Air Support, transportation, logistical supply and reconnaissance to all ground elements. They will also be tasked with medevac and exfiltration for primarily SOF operators, although SOW will treat other ground elements as eligible for support. Regarding Applicants Before you apply Answer the following accurately and thoroughly. Our staff will need an accurate written record to measure our final opinion when the time comes to determine if your application will be accepted or not. Any fallacies will be dealt with by denial. You should reflect your full personality into this application, as JTFB is not simply a milsim unit, but also a community of involved creators and leaders. It should be noted before the application, that we will deny any generic application. We are not looking to boost our numbers with inactive members and members whom only think they need show up to events. There is much more to being in JTFB than attending official operations. We look for people with the motivation and enthusiasm to learn. While we do not require previous knowledge in advanced skills, we absolutely require a willingness to learn. Once the application has been filled out, JTFB staff will immediately respond to acknowledge receiving the application. We will review the application and decide whether or not to allow you to continue onto the next phase of entrance. During the wait, it is advised that you read our ‘About Us’ in full to understand the nature of the unit. You are also free to explore the unit’s Youtube/Gallery, in order to get a grip on the type of experience you will receive as a member of JTFB. Not all applicants will be accepted. It was already stated that we are not looking to bolster our numbers. The 5th MEU is our conventional fighting force, the boots on the ground which serve as a large fighting force. The NATO SOF is an elite special tactics group, small by nature. It is in the nature of the unit that we filter through bad and average applicants. Only those who wish to succeed will be accepted. If your written application is accepted by the administrators, you will be required to participate in an interview. The interview will be our way to gauge what kind of person you are, another step we use to filter out bad applicants. We aren’t looking to see your ability to play Arma, but simply your ability to have a professional conversation with future teammates. It will also be another chance to tell administrators about things you felt didn’t have a spot on the application. Should your interview conclude with us accepting you, you will not be granted immediate membership to the unit. You will be required to go through a 30 day trial period. During this period, your conduct and level of activity will be monitored to ensure that you will be a beneficial member to our group. The trial will be followed by a final judgment by all current members of the SOF. We will hold a vote on your behavior, level of activity, and level of productivity. Should we not have screened you through a prior BCT course, or other test of basic Arma competence, we will give you a final showcase. Again, this is just to ensure that over a period of 30 days, you have learned the necessary skills to be an effective operator in the field. At this point you might be very intimidated, but please don’t be! We only go through all of this to ensure we keep our group active and productive. There is no need to be an exceptional modder or mission maker, skill can only be taught, not expected. To help ensure acceptance into the NATO SOF, prove you have initiative, and you will get in! Application Requirements The NATO SOF have certain criteria which must be met by all applicants. Failure to meet these criteria will result in immediate denial. - Must be at least 17 years of age, only one exception (as marked below). * Original members of JTFB are grand-fathered into the SOF - You must own a functioning microphone. - You will be required to download a modset and any required applications. - You must own a valid copy of Arma 3. - You must abide to the code of ethics set by the founders. - While you may multi-clan, you must remain active and productive. If you would like to inquire about joining the unit, visit our website. From there you can access our forum and application page. http://www.jtfb.pw/ Email contact: wolfy@jtfb.pw roshal@jtfb.pw Unit teamspeak: Youtube page: Wolfy's Youtube Comments are welcome for questions about joining the unit, or requesting a joint operation.
  6. Squad name:- Joint Task Force Bayonet - Nato SOF Timezone/location : EST based. Willing to take international members though. Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): As of now, we are COOP. However, we may branch into PVP once we gain more members. Contact email: wolfy@jtfb.com, wilson@jtfb.pw, roshal@jtfb.pw Website address: www.jtfb.pw Short description: We are a task force with 3 branches. The advertised branch here is the SOF, a small group dedicated to special tactics and supplying our conventional fighting force (the 5th MEU). We are a realism unit looking for productive players who would like to share their time and skill with the rest of the unit. We operate on a democratic basis, with revolving battlefield positions. Do not expect to be in the same role every missions, we like to diversify everything. Language: English
  7. 75th Infantry Division is a brand new unit with plenty of opportunities to explore an experience into realistic military engagements, and demonstrate ability to carry out swift combat operations. The unit is new, so there are plenty of slots available, including leadership, engineer, medical, and basic combat roles. The 75th is based on the actual US Army, and many future operations will be based on small, realistic simulations. Available slots include: Infantry- Rifleman Engineer Medic Various Heavy Weapon specialists Team Leaders And more Reqs to join: Must be at least 16 years of age. Must own a legitimate copy of Arma 2 CO. Must own a functional Microphone. Must be willing to not only listen to orders, but plan and carry out each order. Have patience with a new unit, and help shape the future of the 75th ID. Add me on steam for more info. Teamspeak: Website: http://75thinfantry.enjin.com/recruitment Come enter the TS for more info, and poke me for a quick interview if you wish to apply.
  8. European theatre with Ukraine? This looks like quite the interesting download, hoping to get this running on a dedicated soon.