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first impression and project

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I just spent an hour with the workbench (intuitive) and I am very impressed!

If this is exactly the same tool that was used to make the game, I do think that we must do a lot of things ...

I converted one of my entity trees in FBX format( and in TXO, with fbx2Txo converter), but I'm still looking how to import it into the game éditor? (copy and paste the TXO file in the obj / plants folder does not seem to be enough and should probably configure the input, I think)

All this brings to mind the CryEngine editor and it's a bit the same logic is at work with the assets of paint (or entities).

Some bugs, crash when handling hazardous, but that does not discourage exploration of the software yet.

I have not tried everything, obviously, but it is promising.

Thank you to the developers.

I think make a field simulating a terraforming on Mars or an exoplanet , the floor may look like in March : to see.

If I take in March , we must go back in time , within a century or two , just to stay near credible and consider vegetation mainly based lichens and pine or exogenous variations.

Indeed, we can assume that terraforming " revives " the heart of the planet, by regaining control , produces its own variety of vegetation , from that implemented by man: hey, this is the Gaia theory , or something similar, but it suits me well from this idea , since I created a vegetation imagined by merging parts of plants / trees today , with extinct species of Carboniferous : so that playing gods, as make me happy with what interests me. ^ ^

So much for the idea and the starting point of my creation with the workbench : I'll post my progress and my problems , of course.

Too bad we do not have an equivalent workbench for arma3 ...:rolleyes:

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