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FOB Template script issues(Preproccessing, off set Alt, etc)

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The cold is full blown so been pretty slow the past couple of days. What you summed is up is pretty much it, the Trig involved really isn't complex once you refresh or learn the basics. In order to rotate everything we just need to find the distances from the corner points, or the center point and run that through a small calculation to get what the point will be after rotation. The Khan Academy got me brushed up and can definitely explain it all better then I.

The points that the wall builds off of are not necessarily the corner points since they have to accommodate for the width of the walls and the origin of the walls model.

The section count is used for calculating the points and the length and width of the FOB since each wall may vary in length. The idea is to have something flexible enough to use different types of walls in the future. We use the wall type's length to calculate the length of the FOB since it will not be equal to the exact marker size input.

So, placing the buildings in the FOB will require coming up with a fraction or percentage of length or width from corner x, or from the center coordinate aka marker location. If you want a helipad 1/4 of the width away from the upper left corner or c1 then it'd be, for x: c1 - 25, for y: c1 - (width * 0.25), for z: _mZ < the -25 is just an estimate and would move the helipad 25m from the back wall. I get the x and y confused alot since this FOB gate is on the West wall. I think X was running the length of the FOB and Y is running the Width. N/S should be the Y axis and W/E should be the X axis in game. Just recalling from memory so hopefully it's mostly correct :)

Perhaps once I get the towers set it'll give you an example to work off.

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