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  1. Yeah, it's definitely way better than my initial base defense :p As for the Missle C-RAM, it's indeed smaller... but only vertically. Other wise it's the same issue with scale as the first. Also to add a small bug report, there seems to be a texture error that pops up when the Missile variant is spawned (At least for me). It reads as "Cannot load texture at_phalanx_missile\data\m998a2_avenger_1_co.paa" By the way, did you ever get that alarm sample to work out or were you going to create some from scratch? I remember a test video a few weeks back that had a sample alarm you were playing with (Which totally had my whole office dive for cover since I didn't have my earbuds in at the time lol). If you do decide to engineer your own, I'm still up for helping you with a basic script of what to say for them.
  2. Here's a couple images of it on a plain Hemmit (Code a few posts up) since the scale is a tad large for the trailer version. (The mount base pokes out of the guard rails) But the scale is absolutely wonderful for my poorly put together FOB <3
  3. I know, that's why I mentioned it. I was just giving aesthetic advice, since on the transport variant, the sides of the C-Ram pop through the rails.
  4. After a few busy weeks of work.... this is a godsend and is hands down my new favorite add-on, thanks Alex! It's awesome watching the little guy mow down anything that gets close to base. For the people who are doing the mobile version, just use a regular Hemmit with the code this attachTo [ Name of Hemmit ,[.01,-1.3,-.5]]; It doesn't look too bad like that compared to being pretty large on the flatbed.
  5. rachio

    C-RAM for Arma 3!!!!

    Hey, Alex. First I would like to say that I'm very excited for this project and thank you for taking your precious personal time to create it for us. Although I do not have very much knowledge in the coding or sound engineering department, I do however have information regarding the alarms. The alarm shown in that particular video is the 500-1000m (predicted) impact zone. A separate alarm plays for anything outside that radius and goes something like "IDF detected, dawn protective equipment and seek shelter if available." Now, I'm not sure if that's universal but that's how it is where were I'm currently at. As for the timing of the alarms, the alarm sounds off anywhere from 1-2 minutes after the initial impact or the CRAM's burst. Although the scale of the game would limit these real factors it would be pretty dang cool if you could somehow replicate the time delays. If you're interested in the "All clear" alarm's it's usually just a long highpitched tone followed by "All clear. Emergency terminated, I say again, all clear!." Sorry if this is useless information as I do not know the extent of your research or military experiences. -Sincerely, Rachio. U.S. Service member currently serving in Afghanistan. (P.S. for the curious, CRAM's are pretty "BA" to see up close.)
  6. Well, this is also doubling as a learning process for me, lol! It'd be kinda pointless/rude if I just made you do all the work without me being able to contribute in some shape or form. Also, I don't know why that "_Towerzz" line was there, I think I might have hit CTRL +Z to many times and ended up erasing "_HQ" from that spot. I have tried redoing by copy-pasta'n the code above and it's still a no-go. I did however encounter a section of wall creation instead of the actual building for some reason despite it being defined as HQ? I guess that could be a sign of progress, maybe? Here's what I interpret from the script. Definitions script defines basic items and functions for use in main script. First section of the main script defines/gets marker's variables(I.G. size, altitude, azimuth) and calls one of the pre-made functions. The section counts gets the radius or diameter of the entire FOB(?) and puts it to some form of scaling ratio. (Where as I was mistakenly removing the divisors to make it a 1:1 ratio breaking some of the math?) The wall calculations get the distances from 0 to the respected corner points. The creation formulas build from the previously defined corner points The wall array duplicates the creation line along a defined path. That's what I'm understanding so far... I'm most likely missing the basic principles of the code and that's probably why I'm falling short on adding in my parts to help out. For the insane math you've been doing, I've been doing some research on trig (I never got past the first module of Geo and was forced to take finance classes as my school system was horrid) to see what you have been up against. I'm assuming you're using polar to Cartesian coordinates(?) and making each variable for the creation based on those coordinates?
  7. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a very smart person, lol! I tried playing around with spawning the HQ, but couldn't figure it out despite the instructions left in the code. I even tried changing the Tower's code to see if it'd spawn the HQ but still spawns the towers despite it not being defined as such. Since this is basically all new to me and I'm inherently horrible at math, I apologize for being a little dense in deciphering it. Also, question, I'm getting an error code saying that Mwidth is not defined on Line 72. Not sure exactly why that is since it's just a return value?
  8. Ah, my bad. When I was to Tinkering with it I saw that if I removed that divisor, it went from being a 1/6 scale to spot on and kinda just stuck with that. Didnt know for sure if it was old code remnants or if it was intended. Also, I've only been able to do the one(11x11) concept layout. I just recent got switched from nights to days so I've been spending the last few days just adjusting to my new schedule and workload. I'll try to do several different size layouts when I'm able to get some free time, but that might take me a while.
  9. That'll actually give me some time do to some design concepts, regardless I hope you feel better, man! Since I figured out about these IF/Then things, that totally opened up new horizons for my (average) creativity since I'm not limited by just one template. The vehicle on the building I think was just a once in a life time experience, lol! IIRC(As it's been like 6 months for a breif glimpse), it was some sort of CROWS system vehicle on top of a field building. (Like the ones in game but slightly different) overlooking a wall. It could've have just been a makeshift deal since they were installing towers and wall segments. 11X11 Concept:
  10. Lol, by no means did you overstep anything! The main goal of this in the first place was to have something people can have fun with. Personally, if I can accomplish that, people can have the credit if the initial concept meets that requirement. As for an entire vehicle being on a roof, surprisingly I have seen it done here in Afghanistan. But it is more typical to see a traditional CRAM with a static platform on a building or trailer instead of having a tracked vehicle as it's base. For the markers, is there a way so you don't get the huge icon or are you scripting your markers? (I've been playing around with some "If then" commands to experiment and it's pretty cool to have it dynamically turn into different FOBS based on size. For example, 5x5 is just a HQ, 10x10 is walls + HQ, 20 x20 is basically original start point)
  11. Oh, man! It was like X-mas morning when I saw that build!!! That's absolutely awesome! Though, I'm wondering it's possible to apply that method to triggers? If we can, the trigger box will be a awesome visual indicator as to what it will look like when we have a finished template. Also, I found a better place for the AA defense issue. If you set a Cheetah on top of the HQ it not only has a awesome field of view, it actually doesn't look to bad as a defensive object/cover for HQ personnel. I'll be studying the code later after work, but is there a reason for the 1/6 ratio on the size calculation(?) and for the 60 X 60 configuration, the enterance seems a bit skewed to the right rather than in the middle(Unsure if intended or not since I only briefly had time to check it out). (I also apologize if the term "We" is offensive, lol. This is clearly your awesome work now~ I would have never been able to do this on my own, but then again I've always been more of a theory than practice kind of guy.)
  12. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the gate either. I just made it that way to be more fluid/durable & that was the only place I could place AA(Hopefully in the future the CRAM addon in production) where they'd have best visibility. Originally, this was the mock concept I made in the editor (Bunkers & towers were part of a template i found on armaholic) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=237527459 The G-Launchers were added to fight tanks since there's no raised AG/AA. After I got a general ideal of what I wanted I began to make this script Then I did some deciphering/organizing and that's the point where I created the thread. And I'm confused on what you mean by tweak all the distances? Currently with the for loop you showed me I've make length 10, height 4(5 blocks the towers) for the walls if that's what you mean?
  13. Okay, that makes it a lot easier now that I somewhat understand the concept! (The 0 = 1 bit was throwing me off a bit, I must admit.) As for my organization, I guess the reason is because I'm a logistics specialist in the military. Organization is a required skill in logistics otherwise things come back to bite you. For the Guard towers, I'm referring to this If you notice, the Y axis is different values. I know I was horrible in math, but... If you go 48 in both directions, you should end up equal distances. Like the walls for example were +/- 53 from 0 and have the same relative position in the template. Where-as if the towers were placed with the same value one would be slightly father away from the wall. (I'm horrible at explaining, please forgive me if I'm not making sense.) On a side note, I've been combing different sites trying to find an answer for my rotation problem. I'm wondering from the various info I found if some form of magic combo of setDir, markerDir, and getDir would work to solve that?
  14. That's perfectly fine, life should always be a priority. I've been busy with work myself, hence the late gratitude, lol! As for setting it up as a function, as mentioned before, I'm not well versed in scripting/programming so I'm unfamiliar with the term and application. Also, any clue as to why the guard towers have different coordinates? If they all start form the 0 position, shouldn't it just be a '-' & a '+' variant instead of two separate numbers?? (Not sure if this pertains to the function recommendation, but I tried applying the array to the back wall but only one line actually takes up the direction.)
  15. First of all, thank you guys so very much with taking the time to help! This is awesome! I didn't know that there was an actual method to duplicate stuff from one command. Heck, it took me almost 3 days to figure out how to do the create vehicle code up in the notes... If it's not too much trouble can you break the code down a bit and explain the theory behind it? All I can get from looking at it is "This is black magic and he is trained in the arts of the dark-side".