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RTM Hanpostioning Problem

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Hi folks,

I've a Problem with the Handpostioning for my Rifle. I created my own RTM file and

Unfortunaly it lookes like this.

p><p><img src=[/img]

here are my RTM and oxygen2 file and also my model.cfg.


I Packed (binarize) my addon with BI's tool Addon Builder. I,m trying to get this to work for days now.

Can somebody else please check if this works.

And yes I used google and found different Post and threats regarding this but no solution worked for me:(

Thanks in adwance

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So I tried diferent model.cfg and the rtm's from the arma2 samplemodels seem to work.

I think it could have something to do with the binarization.

But I don't know how i could fix this.

Also the logfile from Addonbuilder shows no errors. I tried it also with BinPo no luck their, made it even worse

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it might not be thE RTM itself but the positioning in the model of a memory point , check the points of the Trigger and things are in the correct place in the model.

also Hanggrips are Mask of cerain parts of the body with certain strengths applied to them parts it could also be this from which you inherit is wrong but i doubt you inherited so far back it will matter here.

Finally when you save an rtm you must never save it from a full character model window or the Pivot points will be off. try loading your animation to the memory lod and export the rtm from there thats if you cant find a good A3 skeleton p3d . it should only be three frames long RTM -5.00 , 0.00 and 1.00 IIRC. and always place the Model.cfg in the same folder as the .rtm when binarising

alternitviely if not already use Blender and Alwarrens tools with Macsers A3 rig (maybe Alwarren already has one too i duuno)

hope some of this helps.

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at first thanks for your answer.

I tried it also with alwarrens toolbox and armaRig. without porting it into 02. - no luck

I found some tutorials and tried it exactly the way they describte it. So I've put the model.cfg in the folder also using just -5,0,1.

But I will try it with the memoryLod Skeleton, sounds like an good idea

---------- Post added at 17:31 ---------- Previous post was at 17:12 ----------

Ok it worked with the memoryLod so far.

Thank you very very much,

I trouble with this for days now and have tried various things and it droved me mad.


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