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Object pick up

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Currently I am working on a mission where you are tasked to find some intel and move on with the mission.

My problem is the way that the player will obtain that intel.

I would like the player to get in a building, find some kind of object, pick it up and then I would like a message to appear telling him what the intel included. I believe that the message could be linked to a trigger which will also reveal the next mission waypoint.

So if any of you guys know what code-script I should use or what kind of trigger please inform me about it.

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Example mission:


Ive got a really easy one for you that involves no scripting unless you want there to be.

There are "Evidence" items in AO and PMC so if you don't have PMC don't use those items of course.

Place Evidence item on an infantry unit (can be done by trigger, init, script etc.)

this addweapon "EvPhoto"; 

Or place Evidence item inside a named vehicle's cargo:

vehiclename addWeaponCargo ["EvMap",1]; 

Detect when the Player has the item:

player hasweapon "EvPhoto"; 

Evidence items:

CDF dogtags – "CDF_dogtags"

Cobalt File – "Cobalt_File"

Evidence (Dog tags) – "EvDogTags"

Evidence (File2) – "EvKobalt"

Evidence (Map) – "EvMap"

Evidence (Money) – "EvMoney"

Evidence (File1) – "EvMoscow"

Evidence (Photos) – "EvPhoto"

Kostey’s map case – "Kostey_map_case"

Kostey’s notebook – "Kostey_notebook"

Kostey’s photos – "Kostey_photos"

Moscow Bombing File – "Moscow_Bombing_File"

Evidence (Map) – "PMC_documents"

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There is also a way to place the items on the ground.

There are 2 ways. If it is only about the photos or documents this will be the most easy way +this way it is MP comp if i am right.

I will upload an demo mission for you.

I only remember one way so i will upload 1 demo mission and if i remember the second way how to do it. I will upload it aswell for you. But be advised the second way is not MP comp.


http://speedyshare.com/2Mr8Y/Demo-Addaction.Desert-E.zip Demo mission.

there is some more information in the demo mission.

Good luck :D

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or you can add me on Steam :D or send a pm (most of the time i react late to pm on the forums)

Edited by Derox
Added demo mission

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Many thanks guys!!!

eegore I have already used your method and although my first thought was to place the items on the ground I just placed them on an enemy officer.

Derox I will test your method some time soon but don't bother posting the other demo mission. I want it to be mp compatible.

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