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  1. I had to chance the code to canmove "false" because sometimes the hit would not be direct and the crew would live therefore the trigger would not activate. I still can't get waypoints to work correctly but at this time for my needs the direct travel for the vehicles to the player is ok. I have some sample missions with spawned units having waypoints that I will probably just copy-paste from and hope it works.
  2. Ahh yeah the way I get the units to follow the player, somewhat, is to just repeat the getposATL p1 command for every piece of armor that gets destroyed. I will have to play with this waypoint method and see if I can figure it out.
  3. I like the waypoint idea but the tutorial only shows how to add it to a group but I'd have to make a separate group for every unit I want to move around. Much easier to just name the units and assign them in an array on a single trigger. I understand your point regarding realism however with the area of the map being used there's a chance the player can complete the mission without ever being seen. I would like the player to have to change position and not lay in one spot. As a workaround I have added an MI-8 helo to fly around and drop flares every 20 seconds once the assault starts. After a few minutes units begin to be alerted of player position (from possibly being spotted from the air) and start to move in randomly. Maybe this helps with realism. Thank you for the reply.
  4. I looked through other threads about this but I am doing something wrong. I'm creating an array of 6 armor units that when any one of them are killed it will send units towards the player. I tried a simple Detected by OPFOR trigger but since I am using a laser designator to call in missile strikes it seems the AI doesn't recognize they are under attack. Array in a game logic init: aa = [aa1,aa2,aa3,aa4,aa5,aa6]; Condition in Trigger: {alive _x} count aa == 0 Activation in Trig: (p1 is player name) BTR1 domove getposATL p1 Nothing happens even if all 6 armor are destroyed. In order to make reinforcements move when only one unit is attacked do I change == 0 to 5? Really all I want to happen is for AI to react when attacked. Again since its a laser designator calling in a spawned missile strike it seems they just don't care. Is there a way to cover all OPFOR in an area similar to a detected by trigger so AI reacts when under assault that doesn't involve naming every unit and putting it into an array? Thanks
  5. What is in your trigger that detects the plane and continually rearms/refuel/repairs it?
  6. It is SP so this should be easier to do.
  7. This is to hopefully make a cropdusting script. I want to attach multiple yellow smokeshells to the wings of an AN-2 that are activated by a keypress or action menu. All the info I find is for OFP and therefore is outdated. I can attach gamelogics to a unit just fine but I am having trouble finding the proper smoketrail. Is the proper way to just teleport active smoke to the gamelogice as needed? Will addaction be able to do that? Thanks
  8. Thanks. I'm always screwing up the .sqf changes. Ive tried to get this to work so I can have a "turbo" on a vehicle: _vel = velocity _vehicle; _dir = direction _vehicle; _speed = 10; comment "Added speed"; _vehicle setVelocity [ (_vel select 0) + (sin _dir * _speed), (_vel select 1) + (cos _dir * _speed), (_vel select 2) ]; But I just don't know enough so I trial and error a bunch of methods. For instance I believe this is a script that I call once I set a variable somewhere that describes specifically what _vehicle is.
  9. This is to simulate sex in a car in the classic GTA method. car setvelocity [0, 0, 2]; I am trying to make a loop of this but I get errors. Trig Activ: Car = execVM "carhop.sqf" ~1; loop; car setvelocity [0, 0, 2]; ~1; car setvelocity [0, 0, 2]; ~1; goto loop; Something like that right?
  10. This one works both ways. Thanks guys for helping me. http://download.cnet.com/OGV-Convert...-76097957.html
  11. Thanks for that link however the first 23 links provide no useable converter to .OGV. After that I start getting outdated material, youtube tutorials on programs that no longer exist or the much more common conversion From .OGV to other formats. Some of them say fornmatting to .ogg - Theora is the same as .ogv but none of those will play (they all say .ogg when converted) when called from a script in the game. I was hoping someone was currently using a program today that will convert "TO" .OGV format and not the reverse.
  12. I looked up .OGV conversion and the links are either dead, or the converters have changed. VLC does not convert to .OGV anymore for instance and thats what I used to use. Anyone got a current free program that will conver video to .OGV? Thanks
  13. Is there a specific distance you need the convoy to be apart from one another? Also can they all be the same vehicle type? (Urals etc.) If you use vehicles of different speed types (UAZ and Urals together) they will definitely spread out. What are they ambushed by, and how are they supposed to react? Do they need a few combat ready units to jump out and fire back, or do want them to just keep driving?
  14. Along these lines does anyone know of a current .OGV converter? Other threads have dead links or have tutorials for VLC which does not convert files to .OGV anymore.
  15. As far as I know you can't have two separate island cutscenes in one complete mission.