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TOP 10! Multiplayer bugs really need to fix. v. 1.10...

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Hello again! First of all I want to present you our community in ArmA 3. We playing BIG games called WOG(Weekly Open Games) every week from Friday to Sunday. 1 game takes 1 hour - 1 hour 30 minutes. We playing 3 game at day at evening. So we had some serious problems with ArmA 3 multiplayer bugs.

0. Is it possible to fix network code? We want to play more than 200 players at same time on one server.

1. Сant be disabled thermal imager - at the moment its impossible to turn it off on the weapon, binoculars and you can turn it off on vehicles with the command disable TIEquipment but you cant turn off the small monitors inside the vehicles in Ifrit, Strider, Hunter.

2. Is inconsistent operations working with the equipment. Some of them is local some of them is global they are many of them and they are intricated. To understand the logic of it we need to read bugtracker. We wish that you can create on simple global option for works with all types of equipment and ammunition.

3. Opportunity through scripting commands to control the repair of vehicles, to change time of reapir, make it longer?

4. BTR-K Kamysh. Commander cant turn out from the place he sitting. In other vehicles its possible.

5. Weapon TITAN launcher has to powerful rockets. One shot can destroy any tank. Is it possible to create AT rockets for TITAN launcher with low power?

6. AP rockets for NLAW same like RPG-42 has.

7. Debugger and profiler for SQF scripts.

8. Static machinegunner without optic without "Ironsights".

9. Balance weapon power of the combat helicopters. At the moment they can lock the target from very far distance without the visual contact but AA APC cant lock this helicopter without the visual contact its need to fly closer to lock it.

10. Script command to turn off the radar on vehicles.

11. When bullets hits the AI target they are little bit twitching. Its looks not very pretty. maybe its possible to make them to not do any reaction for hits?

12. RPG-42. Sometimes the rockets for RPG-42 missing when reloading it. Missions from inventory. Is it a bug?

13. Thermal imager in the Nightstalker aim sometimes red, sometimes grey. Is it possible to create all aims withe grey color?

14. In Strider have a compass and it always shows you the one direction.

15. In Marid the commander have very bad view from small window inside. Is it possible to make to make this small window bigger?

16. MP mode. Crews flying around tank and any enemy unit can kill them even you siting in tank.

Also we invite all players to our BIG games.

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add 16.

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FFS, just report every bug separately.

Or better yet, don't because most if not all of these have been reported/requested!

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Is it just me, or is 17 more than 10?

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