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Spawn units looking out windows

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Anyone know if it is possible (iam sure it is, but i dont know how) to spawn units in buildings (this is the easy part) at window/door positions wathing out of the window / door.. not just random facing any direction.. anyone ?? i can put down units manually and set their direction, but i want to do this dynamically (although i'am using a predefined array of buildings and positions. all i need is a way to get the units facing the right direction.

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i did manage to get my MG looking away from the building by doing this:

first i spawn my units on pre choosen locations in the building.. then i spawn the MG facing towards the center of the building.

Then i spawn in my gunner. setting his watch direction 180 degres from the MG direction (wich is turned towards the center of the building

_grp = createGroup EAST;

_buildposarray = (_buildsel select 1);

_ranbuildpos = _buildposarray select (floor(random count _buildposarray));

_buildpos = _build buildingpos _ranbuildpos;

//Spawn MG

_gunsel = _gunlist call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;

_mgun = createVehicle [_gunsel, (_buildpos), [], 0, "NONE"];

_centerpos = nearestObject [_build,(_buildsel select 0)];

_currentbuild = getpos _centerpos;

_mgun setposatl _buildpos;

_Watchdir = (([_mgun, _currentbuild] call BIS_fnc_relativeDirTo));

_mgun setDir _Watchdir;

_mgun setposatl _buildpos;

_MG = _MG + [_mgun];

//spawn Unit for MG

_mansel = _menlist call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;

_mgman = _grp createUnit [_mansel,_buildpos, [], 0, "NONE"];

_mgman moveingunner _mgun;

_mgman setFormDir ((getdir _mgun) + 180);

Credits to ghost for the orignial script (ghst_roofmgs.sqf)..

now i always get my MG facing outwards from the buildings... woorks good on Roof positions.... and note, i have to spawn each gunner as a seperate group otherwise it wont work...

Maybe someone else has had the same problem..

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