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So that's it then...? Perrformance

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It doesn't matter because it wont help, here:




No Caustics

PIP Standard

2013-12-02 21:25:30 - arma3

Frames: 6231 - Time: 220766ms - Avg: 28.224 - Min: 9 - Max: 54

This is not a problem where game is demanding but a problem where game doesn't use my hardware. No change in settings will help except lowering VD to 1000-1500max, that's where bottleneck starts to fade. And we're not talking about massive improvement, even with 1500VD in MP I get horrible performance but somewhat acceptable in SP.

No worries it's the exact same issue for me and most others. Don't bother trying to mess with settings because they won't make a difference. It's the game engine itself.

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A perfect example how such a thread should look like: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169484-What-I-found-about-performance-and-I-what-I-want-to-help-fix-it

You may now think about it why a dev posted in the linked thread and not in this one here. If you're interested to help improving the performance (which needs improvements, no doubt about this point), be welcome to participate in the above linked thread. And since we don't need duplicate discussions cluttered through the forums, this thread is now....


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