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water deep

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did someone know how to get the water depth with script commands?

If I create a invisible heli_h on water and use getpos, getPosASL, getPosASLW and getPosATL I allways get the position on waterface.

I need a solution to get the groundposition (depth) for creating scripted waypoints under water.

Thx for help!

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Iceman is right:

if (surfaceIsWater _pos) then getPosATL select 2 on a floating object will give you water depth.

setPosATL[_x,_y, 0] will put anything to the surface whether below water or not.

Simply creating object (without setPosATL) will create the object floating.

So you'll need to

_object setPosATL [(getPos _object) select 0, (getPos _object) select 1, 0];

after creating it.

SetPos after creating an object is usually a more precise approach, since creating creates an object wherever the engine finds some space for it.

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