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[SP]Day 256

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Take control of Larry Johnson once again in the second segment of the 'Day~' campaign. After some R&R from his last assignment, he has to report in to Sgt. Burr.


-Only about 10~15 minutes long, give or take

-Dialogue (not voice acted)

-The second entry in a story driven series

-There is combat if you hit the people. You can also completely avoid combat as well

-Make sure to jump out of the chopper when the pilot tells you, or else experience bad results. (ew)


-Sometimes the AI in the chopper like to get out and run around. If so, just wait and they'll get back in eventually.

-I don't have checkpoints implemented, save or face the consequences!

-No voice acting (BIKB is way too much work for a novice like me, maybe I'll redoux this mission and add voices later.)

-Couldn't get an intro working so it'll just start. Shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Download from RGhost

Download from Steam Workshop

Day 256 - Armaholic


Nothing. It's vanilla.


BIS for the game and photo. My graphics suck really hard so I can't take photos myself :\

Random people on the forums that I used for scripting help


This can't and will not mess up your game. If it does for whatever reason then let me know.


If anyone gets the easter egg in the dialog at the end, then I am happy.

P.S. Sorry for the wait, it's been out on steam workshop for a short while and I forgot to post it here in the meantime. Sorry about that :\

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Hey this is a nice little mission, but it has a couple of issues

1) No proper mission name - needs to be typed in the "Advanced Info" section where you can also select the weather

2) No briefing, hence no real story - if you ever update the mission, please add one. If you cannot find the necessary info how to create a briefing here on the BI forums or on Google, you can contact me.

3) SHOWSTOPPER: Right at the entrance to the base, the car never stops to let you disembark. Player has to wait for a lucky moment to hit "eject" to survive unharmed and run up to the officer in the base to end the mission.

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