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Hey RH,


I've come across this mod while chasing an Mk12 SPR rifle depiction for Arma 3 - apparently, this mod is the only mod for A3 which offers this unique rifle... so, Thanks for making it! The visuals and design of the SPR rifle (as well as the other AR15 rifle types in this mod) are very authentic and very high quality - outstanding work! However, I can't really say the same about the rifle sounds (which doesn't mean they're consistently bad). But first things first:


The suppressed shot sounds of the longer AR15 models (M16, SAM-R and also Mk12 SPR) in your mod sound very, err... hollow and unspectacular (and perhaps also unrealistic) to say the least. They really damper the fun of playing with these rifles. When using a suppressed SPR, I would expect something more like this:


(from 2:00 till 2:11 - with a very realistic sonic bass accompanying and following the suppressed shot... it sounds very cool :) )




(from 1:00 till 1:11 - this time the "itching"/"peewing" noise is more pronounced, which also sounds very cool, and the sonic bass is less pronounced)



(Real Life demonstration; from 3:13 till 3:19 - especially the second shot at 3:17)



(Real Life demonstration; from 0:56 onwards)




I don't know if it's a design decision, but the suppressed shots of the shorter-barreled/M4-Style rifles in your mod *do* sound fairly spectacular and they *do* sound more closely to what I would expect (but not exactly like I expect - see the videos for reference...) from an suppressed SPR rifle.


As for the unsuppressed rifle sounds (and this accounts for BOTH the longer-barrelled and short-barrelled AR15 rifles), they indeed sound VERY spectacular and powerful - but that is also the tradeoff, because they sound TOO spectacular and overpowered, which feels a bit silly. Of course I like it when they sound powerful - but these sounds are on the same level from what I would expect from sniper rifles, HMGs and other high-powered rifles ;)


The 2nd main flaw I noticed about the unsuppressed rifle sounds, is, they sound very hollow - that would definitely be another point for improvement.


Long story short: Could you modify at least the sounds (both suppressed and unsuppressed) for the Mk12 SPR ? Because I really struggle to have fun using it with the hollow and unspectacular suppressed sound...


Oh, and can you offer a version of the SPR with the "fiberlite" collapsible stock? (and possibly for the M4-Style rifles, too?)









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