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Rearm vehicles with ammotruck not working (SP/MP)

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BI what exactly is the problem? It is a simple fix, change a value in the config and be done with it???? :mad:

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Yes this is necro of the year 2014...

But becouse i like logistic's... rearming and stuff i dont want a serverice point, but the real deal.. bobcats and trucks.

So did finally some research..

You can make the "size" of the cargo in the truck bigger.

Remember that command i have, nameoftruck setammocargo 1; .. on the editor place a Ammo truck and put this setammocargo 10; in the init.

It wil give the ammo truck 10 times the ammo it suppost to have.

For example;

Normal ammo truck i can shoot 34 Titans from my cheeta.

setammocargo 2; i can shoot 68 titans from my cheeta.

setammocargo 10; i can shoot 340 titans from my cheeta.

ect ect ect.

Sorry for the late verry verry late respond.

* No i dind find a way to give the plane's/tanks more ammo from the start. thats vehicle config


Small update; i was bored so made a 5 seconds demo mission.


So on the right side you can see that trucks are pretty fast empty... left they hold a bit longer.

Middel you can rearm the rearm truck.. and so on you can rearm evry thing.

If you want even bigger cargo... or go in the editor and change the command from 3 to 10 or 9999,,, and for the rearm rearm part open the rearmrearm.sfq and change the same commands

_object setammocargo 3;

_object setfuelcargo 3;

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