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I would like to play ARMA 3 with some mods and all of them seems to be working but one of them is producing a error message while I'm playing at the middle of my monitor.

Is there a way to hide error messages in ARMA3?

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thank's for your help but it isn't a script-error. The error message only appears when I try to load JayArmA3Lib. I think this version is outdated for the devbuild but it seems to work fine. Only the error message is annoying.

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Hi all;

.............in line with this question (?) I just bought Arma 3 today (Steam), and had it `pre-installed` from a brief tryout on my PC (a month or so ago).... and I just installed the Steam Paid Game (Update?) to the game.... but get these TWO Error messages whenever I start the game.....and I dont know if they are related to the posters question...

....or if I should do something...about it.

Can I put the Error messages here.... and see if they are the same as his... in case he gets a fix?

Error Message 1.

Addon `A3_Structures_F_Bootcamp_CivSportsground` requires addon `A3_Structures_F_Kart_Civ_Sportsgrounds`

Error Message 2.

Include file

A3/Missions_F_EPA\Campaign_shared\Hubs\cfgB_skirmish02.hpp not found.

Thats it really....

I don`t know if they are important or not.

I will get back to starting the campaign............ if it will start without them.

Thank you for your consideration; and I will check back to see if they are similar to the posters error messages... with a potential similar way to fix?

EDIT (10-minutes later)

I guess I will need my own thread for this. The Campaign will not start.

Due to the error message.

Should I uninstall the whole 10?Gb and re-download?

Edited by colinsrap
Tried to start the game. Updating with result.

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I will suggest you to verify integrity of game cache 1st :

On game list

Select Arma 3

Right click > list > Select 'Properties'

Select 'Local Files' tab


Wait until validation


... restart the game

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