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Aleš Ulm

Update 1.2158 available

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NEW: Multi language support ( FR,GER,SPA,IT,CZE )

NEW: New Bootcamp mission

NEW: MoGA Pro controller is now supported

NEW: Armory can be accessed form Equip screen

NEW: Mission is automatically completed if all enemies are killed and there's no special objectives left

NEW: XP and credits are added even when the mission fails

NEW: It is now possible to Continue to the next mission after the current one has been completed without having to

go to the Main Menu

NEW: Game language set according to the system language when possible when starting the game for the first time

NEW: The last active operators stays active when after the next turn starts

NEW: Visible maximum hit percentages

FIX: Performance issues when dragging char / zooming

FIX: Invalid texts in Generated Missions

FIX: Invalid AP cost/distance displayed

FIX: It's now possible to throw grenades into buildings while takein cover next to doors

FIX: Used equipment is now removed correctly

FIX: AI tweaks

FIX: Weapon upgrades now cost more

FIX: Pressing gamepad buttons doesn't quit the game while loading levels

FIX: + over dozen other small fixes

DEL: Removed InApp purchase feature

DEL: Removed references to gamepad controls if no gamepad is detected

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