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Take On Mars Announced at E3

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Just in case some of you missed it, we announced our new game, Take On Mars at E3 this year. The release date is set for Q3 this year (end of July) and the price-point is set at 10 euro.

The game will come with 3 locations, each 4x4km in size:

  • Victoria Crater
  • Kaiser Crater
  • Gale Crater

The engine we are using is the newest version of the Enforce engine (used in Carrier Command: Gaea Mission), and features full modability (everything can be changed).

We will be releasing a modding pack post-release to help modders get into editing Take On Mars, with a buggy-with-machine-gun along with documentation as an example.

Here is the official web page:


Here is our official announce trailer:

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