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[NGBC]Not Good But Crazy

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Who we are ?
6 years ago, we built an European Community ([EU]Europe Team) on COD serie.
Few month ago we decide to close it and reborn with french people under the new flag [NGBC].
Because we are playing with our children, we want mature and polite behavior in all circumstance.
We are playing for fun and not for being the best players of the world.

Which games are we playing :
We are running server on several games : COD4, Minecraft and one little server on TF2
Now we are moving on Arma3 and running 3 servers (2 servers open to the public and 1 reserved to the community)

Recruitment :
The recruitment is open so feel free to join us on our servers and meet us on our server Teamspeak.
Do not hesitate to join us on our forum and share your experience with us.
In all case we are not looking for the best player of the world and we do not looking for to grow up too quickly.
We will accept you as members if you are sharing our values.
Conditions and rules are HERE

All is said, now if you like to play with us, take the time to register and talk with us on our forum : www.notgoodbutcrazy.eu

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