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About a month ago I bought ARMA 3 Alpha;). I started playing multi-player right away with now problems at all... except for a few errors a bugs here and there. But other than that it was fine...

NOW just an hour ago I was playing on a server and someone joined and hacked it. How do I know? Well basically everyone died and flew up into the sky. It contained a message saying "I won't stop these attacks until the BIS_fnc_MP command or the BIS scripting library in general are discussed on the forums. No seriously. Go report it. Things will only get worse otherwise." - well i reported it.

ANYWAY the bigger deal is that it seems now that every server I join seems to pop up with the same message and hack. I talked to a friend and he told me it's called "follower hacking" (server A gets infected by Anonymous and player A gets "follower hacked", then player A leaves and goes to server B and that server along with player B and C get follower hacked to and so on.)

Any ideas or help???


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We are one of the servers provider.

We fervently hope that a solution will be found as soon as possible and finally a sensible cheat and hack protection is installed.

Otherwise, this game is dead before it was even released!

The current situation is far from satisfactory!

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