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  1. -J4F- Thunder666

    =BTC= Logistic [A3] - BETA

    wow looks really nice ! This is MP tested and working ? greetings
  2. -J4F- Thunder666

    Independent as Blue ?

  3. -J4F- Thunder666

    Independent as Blue ?

    Hi, is there a way to play the Independent as Blue ? I have switched the Uniforms only but in PvP this not really works. So is it possible to switch the Uniforms that all players can see blue in Independent Uniforms or play Independent as blue ? thx in advance greetings
  4. -J4F- Thunder666

    Helicopter Transportation Script [RC 1]

    hi, thx for this really usefull Script ! I tried in the Editor and at the Moment i can attach all Vehicles to all Choppers without editing your Scripts :(. The Helicopter(Transport) classes not working for me. So is it possible to give only one Helicopter Class the Transport Job ? For example the mohawk ?! thx in advance greetings ok solved if (_x isKindOf "I_Heli_Transport_02_F") then For the Future you should think about a "drop with Parachute" Option for this nice Script. thx again.
  5. Hi, we are really happy to see the included Parachutes now ! But we cant use it at our Server :(. The Server.exe crashes in most cases if Guys using the Parachute System !? Next Point is since Alpha we get randomly exploding Helicopters if Guys try to enter them as Pilot !? Can you give some Tips or can confirm it maybe ? thx in advance greetings Thunder
  6. -J4F- Thunder666

    Parachute Crasch

    Hi, 1st off all, thx BIS for including Parachutes in Beta. It is really nice ! But we have a big Problem at our Server. In most casees if Guys using the Parachute`s our A3 Serve.exe is crashing :(. Someone can confirm Problems with Parachute System ? The next Problem is we getting exploding and burning Helicopters in some cases if Units enter the Choppers ?! Hope this will be fixed soon. Thx in advance
  7. -J4F- Thunder666

    Ind. Classnames ?

  8. -J4F- Thunder666

    Ind. Classnames ?

    tvm Guys this really helps me. So is it possible to ask for a Primary Weapon Item from the init Line ? Or someone knows the Class of the new Optic ? thx in advance
  9. -J4F- Thunder666

    Ind. Classnames ?

    someone please? Is there a Possibility to get the Name of the Uniform from the Unit with a Code in the Init of the Unit ?
  10. -J4F- Thunder666

    Ind. Classnames ?

    hi all, looking for the "Green" Uniform Classnames . Someone can help pleas ? Where i can find the Uniform in cfg Editor ? thx in advance Greetings P.S.and the Class of Laserdesignator + Batteries is ?
  11. -J4F- Thunder666

    asking for specific Goggles ?

    omg tvm ! :bounce3:
  12. hi, i need to ask for specific Goggles in Trigger Condition.i tried ("G_Tatical_Clear" in (items player) || "G_Tatical_Clear" in (assigneditems player)); and player goggles == "G_Tatical_Clear"; and goggles player == typeOf G_Tatical_Clear both didnt work :( someone can help plz ? thx in advance greetings
  13. -J4F- Thunder666

    overdrive Lamps ?

    hi, simple question(i hope), how i can avoid overdriving the Street Lamps ? thx in advance solved with attachto...
  14. -J4F- Thunder666

    Help on script after removal of processInitCommands

    hi all, please someone can help me with that broken part of a Script ? _bomb = _this; _soundsource = "Land_HelipadEmpty_F" createVehicle position _bomb; WaitUntil{(position _bomb select 2)<30}; _soundsource setPos position _bomb; [color="#FF0000"]_soundsource setVehicleInit format["this say'bon_Shell_In_v0%1'",1,2,3,4,5,6,7] select round random 6]; processInitCommands;[/color] sleep 5; deleteVehicle _soundsource; thx in advance
  15. hi all, someone knows a simple MP compatible Team Status Script ? It should showing the Squad Members at Screen. thx in advance