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101st Airborne Division Now Recruiting!

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101st Airborne Division - ARMA 3 - Realism Gaming Unit


The 101st Airborne Division is now recruiting for ARMA 3:

We are a new gaming Group looking for Mature Players (16 and Up) to help establish a new Realism Unit.

We are Currently Recruiting in the Following MOS's (Military Occupational Specialties):

11X - Infantry Option

15P - Rotary Wing Aviation Specialist

21B - Combat Engineer

68W - Combat Medic

Note: The MOS's Above are what you can join as it is a starting MOS, for Infantry, Aviation Specialists, and Engineers, your MOS will change after Initial Training.

MOS's that we are looking to implement in the Future:

19D Cavalry Scout

19K Armored Crewman

18X Special Forces Option



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I would like to see more information on your unit but the link appears to be broken to sign up.


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