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Primer for new vehicle simulation

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On ‎15‎/‎07‎/‎2017 at 7:16 PM, [evo] dan said:

Hi, Could anyone explain in a bit more detail this part of the config as i'm having a bit of trouble understanding it?


driverAction = "driver_offroad01";

	cargoAction[] = {"passenger_low01", "passenger_flatground_leanleft", "passenger_flatground_leanright", "passenger_flatground_crosslegs", "passenger_flatground_leanleft"};

	getInAction = "GetInLow";

	getOutAction = "GetOutLow";

	cargoGetInAction[] = {"GetInLow"};

	cargoGetOutAction[] = {"GetOutLow"};


driveraction is the animation (the posture) the driver proxy has when driving a vehicle or Manning an static weapon. This line references an specific animation

CargoAction is the same for the different cargo proxies. As you can notice, different cargo proxies can have different cargo animations, meaning that depending on the position they have inside of the vehicle they can have different cargo animations. For example in the trucks the last two soldiers have cargo weapon turrets and have different cargo animations than the other proxies.

GetInAction and GetOutAction are the animations played when a carácter gets in or gets out of a vehicle. For example the ones played on the hellcat helicopter. 

The same with cargoGetInAction and CargoGetoutAction.

These are animations defined by config, but in the anim.pbo file. They are referenced in the config.cpp, not in the p3d.


And answering your questions...

1st: No, these animations are defined in the config.cpp as above. In the p3d you have to créate two points for each cargo, gunner, commander and cargo positions or you can use a pair of points for all of them. These points represent the position in the vehicle where the "Get Inside of the vehicle" action starts popping up in the action menú. they are defined in the config.cpp with the lines:


memoryPointsGetInCargo = "cargo_pos";
  memoryPointsGetInCargoDir = "cargo_dir";
  memoryPointsGetInDriver = "driver_pos";
  memoryPointsGetInDriverDir = "driver_dir";



For the gunners and commanders you have to define inside of each class turret the following lines:


memoryPointsGetInGunner = "gunner_pos";
memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir = "gunner_dir";


check the sample files you can download from steam and it Will be obvious when you look at the p3d







4 hours ago, WelshyYT said:

What should I do when it comes into adding UAVs and UGVs?


First you créate the vehicle as you wish. Then in the config.cpp you have to add the following lines:


crew = B_UAV_AI;

typicalCargo[] = {B_UAV_AI};
uavCameraDriverPos = "PiP0_pos";
uavCameraDriverDir = "PiP0_dir";
uavCameraGunnerPos = "PiP1_pos";
uavCameraGunnerDir = "PiP1_dir";



First line tells the game that the vehicle is crewed by an UAV_AI trooper. The example above is for a BLUFOR UAV.

The isUAV=1; line tells the game that the vehicle is a remote controlles vehicle, accesible with a UAV console.

The last four lines tell the game the memory points used for the driver and gunner views, which are shown in the UAV console when connecting to that UAV. It is advisable to use the same names as above, because they are standard names. I think you can name them as you wish, but all BIS UAV type vehicle share those names.


I hope I have helped you!!!

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