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[SP] Utes CTI Mission beta

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This is my version of a CTI for single players on utes. Infantry only!

Mission: Free Utes of all insurgency troops. The enemy is concentrated near Strelka and has taken over the Island. You start with a few men at the beach head in the north of the island. You have been hired to lead the first guerilla wave to reclaim Utes. You are only equipped with low powered arms like handguns. Fight the enemy to get better weapons.

Mechanics: Enemies will be spawned at occupied locations or, after the battle has started, at the bullseye. This mission has dynamically created AIs but AI will not magically appear. It still has to travel from the bullseye to its destined location. Only if a location that already had enemies before it came into spawn range, it will spawn at location. But that should be outside of visual range. I tried to make the mission performance friendly.

1) Take a location by staying in the marker circle. After a while it will turn blue.

2) If you get closer to a marker it will turn yellow. Friendly AIs will spawn and beach head and move to the location.

3) If an AI dies it's weapons will be copied to an ammo box located at any location that is closest.

4) The closer you get towards the bullseye, the more and better equiped AIs will patrol the locations.

5) The locations are where cities and strongpoints are in a warfare mission. The AI teams in city locations are not patroling but in a guard stance. They will fight sighted enemies all over the map. This way you might encounter stronger AI squads with better weapons. Dangerous but also a chance to get better weapons.

6) Team mates will be replaced instantly. This is a action based mission. Not a realistic mission.

This mission uses the Urban Patrol Script Mon by Monsada for patroling units.

I prefer to play with the JSRS 1.5 sound mod, but no mod is needed for this mission.

I hope you enjoy it.

(link to file in second post)

P.S.: This is a beta. Only has a simple end trigger when spawn space is free of enemies for 10 seconds. Also no briefing just fighting!

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