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How to respawn a unit/vehicle upon death.

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Ok well i have been trying to search the internet for a script to respawn unit and vehicle's and i couldn't find any so i decided to come here. I really want to make a C.Q.B Combat game like Combat arms but I need a respawn script. Specificly the script that will respawn the unit after 3 seconds. and make it go to the waypoint(s) the orgininal unit was given.

Also it would also be usefull if you could give me a script that would cause the game to be won when like opfor reaches 100 kills before Blufor and vise versa.

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Hi genrelguner Welcome to BIS forums!

For a basic respawn using a base respawn follow my tutorial:

How to setup a respawn for MP using a base respawn


You can setup a base respawn where an enemy will respawn at a marker, and then you can set the respawn time to 3sec if you want in the description.ext,

but you will need a description.ext script in your mission folder. Follow my tutorial, it will cover the basics of respawn.

If you want an AI to respawn then move to a waypoint or an area the i reccomend this:

AI respawn group patrol area using UPS


AI respawn move to map position script


keep in mind if you only want one soldier, then you can set it up so only 1 soldier respawns, just create a unit and put the codes in.

for vehicles use this script:

Simple Vehicle Respawn


hope that helps.

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