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Demo: replenish ammo crash

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Island Granite, Ammo supply building SE of the large lake where the campaign has you destroy a Walrus Garage. Any vehicle attempting to resupply ammo at this location crashes to the desktop.


Engine Error

Null pointer to isntance

Class: 'Generic_Replenisher_StrongGarage_Ammo'

Entity name:'Replenisher_StrongGarage_Ammo'

Function: 'ReplenishingUnitAmmo'

Stack trace:



Crash Info

Unhandled exception

Program: ...ier Command Gaeoa Mission DEMO\carrier_demo.exe

Reason: Access violation. Illegal write by 4294ba at 10

Script callstack:

Function: 'ReplenishingUnitAmmo'

Stack trace:



[enf::SAraay<entcode::ImpactSound *,32>::Clear]:???


Edit: this saved game must be corrupted because it appears all ammo replenishing locations are producing this crash :(

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