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AA2Arma Conversion - MOUT McKenna

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Hello, below are some screenshots from a mission im working on.

Its a PVP based off of the America's Army 2 game. the Map in AA2 was called MOUT McKenna.

Required Addons:






Sanging Map



The mission has ambient noises to kinda immerse you in the game.

The Objective of the Mission is to Secure all 3 Points on the Map, Named: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie; or to eliminate the Opposing team.


Loading Screen:

http://imageshack.us/a/img268/5610/moutmckenna.png (761 kB)

Image Comparison see above image:




NVG Comparison see 1st image:


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cool. does it work the same, can you e.g. lob a handgrenade through the A windows over the church to waste the guy sitting behind the waste bin or in the door of yellow?^^ well probably not.

man we've played that map so often in clanwars, has been one of if not the thoughest.

btw. since AA is USArmy work, it should be public domain (correct me if I'm wrong) so one might try to extract objects and port them to Arma. I think with one of the earlier versions, e.g. 2.0 (before they changed the file binarization), it was possible to tap on them with some Unreal file unpacker. Don't know the name anymore, you'd have to google for it. But I remember back in the days I had managed to extract e.g. the Stryker and the Blackhawk into 3DMax and do a small render video with it. No clue if it would work with the maps, too. But if you managed to get it out and into a 3D prog, you could make a proper Arma addon from the grey/yellow/blue etc. house, church, phone booth and so on and then use it on a map.

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@brainbug if i new how to port objects/maps i definitely would, if there is anyone out there who would be interested in doing this and knows how please contact me.

also, this mission, along with Insurgent Camp are now Available on the Armaholic website:

Insurgent Camp

MOUT McKenna

I plan on making as many of the maps as i can. they will start as v1 releases with just the basics and a few extras to make it look good, after i have all the missions/maps i can do done. they will be packed into a v1 mission pack and i will start work on the next versions of them where i will start adding more features.

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