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Strategy game crashes on day 4!! 19:12 hours in!

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Been playing a strategy game over the last few days and the game has been perfect upto now - no game crashes!! Basically ive gone and witched it! as I was impressed by how stable this game is (was!). On day 4 I was just about to take the Nemesis island when the game freezes then returns to the Windows desktop with a warning 'Carrier Command has stopped working!' This error was reported in the crash log (see below). Thinking it was a corrupt save game file I loaded a previous one and instead of going to Nemesis I chose a different island. Basically as soon as the game reaches 19:12 hours on Day 4 the game just dies. Tried another earlier save game and the exact same thing happens!

As it stands the current strategy game ive been playing for over a week is now as much use as an inflatable dartboard!

This is gutting! particularly when I am pretty impressed by the game - its graphics, immense playability and the sheer nostalgic feeling. Very rarely do I go out and buy a PC game these days and now utterly dissapointed!

No point in starting another strategy game as I suspect come day 4 the same problem will happen.

Come on Bohemia!! people have invested in purchasing this game and noticing by your forum this game is just riddled with bugs and problems. Lets get these sorted!! You have produced a fantastic game just don't ruin it now!

Lets get another new patch for this game sorted please!!

Unhandled exception

Program: ...ctive\Carrier Command Gaea Mission\carrier.exe

Reason: Access violation. Illegal read by 606daa at 154

[NCCGame::BarqueBasic::OnStockpileSet]: ??? addr:0x00606daa

[NCCGame::BarqueBasic::OnStockpileSet]: ??? addr:0x00606daa

(Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled)

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inserted details from crash log

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