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  1. Just applied the latest 1.3 official patch to a clean install of CC and sadly the game still crashes upon opening the saved game. this does not happen immediately more towards 5 minutes into playing the saved game. Its not my configuration - whatever you mean by that statement? My game is running on a good solid Windows 64bit version with a GeForce GTX 480 card. I play several games on this machine and I havent experienced any problems such as this. Blaming my configuration is a bit of a cop out! when clearly this game has dozens of people reporting bugs/crashes with the game. This game is clearly not fit for purpose. Also im very dissapointed with the software developer for not resolving the problem or at least trying to investigate the saved game file I submitted some weeks ago (along with crash log details) as advised to on this forum. I just logged back in and my request is just sitting there being ignored. OK you state the bug tracker is prioritized by the number of people reporting the issues - thats fair enough but from what it appears no-one can be bothered to investigate this after all this time. Shows a total lack of disregard to the paying customer who has invested time, money and effort into their product. Very poor show! Who do I make a formal complaint to? Who is the managing director of this software company? Anyone have their details and e-mail address?
  2. Hi Whats the estimated investigation time and resolution as ive placed a copy of my corrupted save game file along with a bug report as suggested on your feedback site on 19th November? According to that website my submitted error request is still unassigned. cheers
  3. Details of the crash in the logfile: ---------------- Program: ...ctive\Carrier Command Gaea Mission\carrier.exe Reason: Access violation. Illegal read by 607bca at 154 SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x00607bca SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x00607bca (Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled) ----------------- Hopefully this will be of some use to the development team. whatever the above means!! The error.log is also reporting these problems: !!! Bad record in ccsettings.xml. Unknown action "jump" Not preloaded obj/characters/camera.xob !!! Bad record in ccsettings.xml. Unknown action "jump" Failed to open object gui/strategic/demo_missing1.xob !!! PreloadInfo Object failed: "gui/strategic/demo_missing1.xob" SerializeInputAdapter::ReadReference - Object not presented in TOC. Type 'AIOB' SerializeInputAdapter::ReadReference - Object not presented in TOC. Type 'AIOB' SerializeInputAdapter::ReadReference - Object not presented in TOC. Type 'AIOB' SerializeInputAdapter::ReadReference - Object not presented in TOC. Type 'AIOB' SerializeInputAdapter::ReadReference - Object not presented in TOC. Type 'AIOB' SerializeInputAdapter::ReadReference - Object not presented in TOC. Type 'AIOB' SerializeInputAdapter::ReadReference - Object not presented in TOC. Type 'AIOB' SerializeInputAdapter::ReadReference - Object not presented in TOC. Type 'AIOB' SerializeInputAdapter::ReadReference - Object not presented in TOC. Type 'AIOB' SerializeInputAdapter::ReadReference - Object not presented in TOC. Type 'AIOB' Not preloaded particle/contact/cc_seamain.ptc Not preloaded particle/contact/cc_seawing.ptc Not preloaded particle/contact/cc_seaback.ptc Not preloaded particle/contact/cc_seamain.ptc Not preloaded particle/contact/cc_seaback.ptc Obsolete type of door. Entity '', model 'obj/vehicles/carrier/barque_door.xob' Obsolete type of door. Entity '', model 'obj/vehicles/carrier/barque_door.xob' Not preloaded particle/contact/cc_seamain.ptc Not preloaded particle/contact/cc_seaback.ptc Not preloaded obj/misc/debris/hole01_small.xob Not preloaded particle/weapon/destruct_box1.ptc Not preloaded particle/enviroment/dmg_barrel.ptc Not preloaded particle/weapon/destruct_box1.ptc Not preloaded particle/weapon/destruct_box1.ptc ---------- Post added at 09:45 ---------- Previous post was at 07:57 ---------- tried this and sadly does not work. the game still crashes and trying previous game saves ultimately the game crashes at some point. since all of my games have now been saved under v1.03x i cant go back to 1.02 as the game reports the saved games arent compatible when i try to downgrade to the previous update. :mad: :mad: :mad: why are saved games so heavily reliant on the version of the game?? :j: ive rarely seen this before especially with minor game updates are concerned.
  4. Well after working hard in Campaign mode for the last 3 weeks ive reached a point where the game now just constantly crashes. this includes the newest beta patch 1.03x I have tried going back through 4 different saved games at various points and i goto different islands yet this does not seem to alter any outcome. the game crashes! Come to the conclusion that this game is not fit for purpose - which is a big shame as I love it! This game is simply riddled with some serious bugs and for it to crash constantly is something seriously wrong and flawed deep down. I started out being a huge PC game player then moved to the Xbox 360 and this game has brought me back to the PC platform. Now I realise why I left the PC game market. Games like this just wreck the whole experience of why you want to play games on a PC and why you would go for a dedicated games platform. Out of all the 360 games ive played they have been great and not have I experienced serious issues such as this game for a PC platform. People should be given a refund for this game as its clearly not fit for purpose not even with the latest beta patch! The game itself is fantastic and im hooked! But now its in this state, well its as much use as an inflatable dartboard!
  5. How come after capturing a weak island (using the hack module) can these be improved to make their defences stronger? several of my captured islands (resource & production) are now classed as weak and the enemy carrier is able to easily defeat them - undoing all my good work! Also I noticed after capturing one of the enemies defense island - rated as deadly this now becomes strong after i hacked the command center? is this down to me previously destroying all the AA and AT defenses prior to me hacking the command module? if so how do these get renewed when an island is captured by myself?
  6. Was playing the game last night and despite making good ground to capture a number of enemy islands (over the last 2 weeks) after defeating him yet again he respawns on the bottom left side of the map and starts to take each island from the start of the campaign. what im finding to be very annoying to the point where im considering putting this much loved game on the shelf for good is the hard work ive done to capture these islands over the last 2 weeks are now being gobbled up by the enemy. he is capturing them at a faster rate than what i can catch up with. I dont realistically see how im able to capture all of the enemy islands when he is recapturing them at a far rate in succession?? Clearly my resources out number him (more blue than red islands) yet this dosent seem to hinder his ability to successfully retake islands at what appears to be a faster rate. Therefore how can i capture all the enemy islands before defeating him in battle? This game is turning out to feel unfair and very frustrating. Can we tweak the enemy carrier for the next patch to make this more balanced please?
  7. its been quite a while since i played the original but i dont recall encountering the enemy carrier until i captured his last stronghold - nemesis? ok if the campaign mode is set so that you have to capture all islands first then take out the carrier (with a torpedo) then surely dosent it make more sense to make the enemy carrier extremely difficult to destroy until you have captured all of the islands? just constantly having to sink him each time (with little effort) is a bit silly :p where is the game logic in this? this dosent seem to fit in with a real world scenario.
  8. I have now sunk the enemy carrier 3 times in campaign mode! and he keeps coming back! isn't this a bit stupid? in the original game once the enemy has been destroyed ONCE! then hes finished for good? Where is the logic behind this? the enemy carrier also appears to be very easy to defeat. im using the latest beta patch 1.03xxx surely the enemy carrier should take considerable damage to beat (after only a few minutes of plasma fire?) especially when the enemy captain mentioned how strong and superior his carrier was to yours? can we get this sorted please? thanks!!
  9. Downloaded the 1.03 patch and it comes back with a virus warning!! wtf! ??? AVG detects Heur.dropper?? cant seem to find what virus this is as AVG website comes back with not much useful info. anyone else come across this?
  10. Been playing a strategy game over the last few days and the game has been perfect upto now - no game crashes!! Basically ive gone and witched it! as I was impressed by how stable this game is (was!). On day 4 I was just about to take the Nemesis island when the game freezes then returns to the Windows desktop with a warning 'Carrier Command has stopped working!' This error was reported in the crash log (see below). Thinking it was a corrupt save game file I loaded a previous one and instead of going to Nemesis I chose a different island. Basically as soon as the game reaches 19:12 hours on Day 4 the game just dies. Tried another earlier save game and the exact same thing happens! As it stands the current strategy game ive been playing for over a week is now as much use as an inflatable dartboard! This is gutting! particularly when I am pretty impressed by the game - its graphics, immense playability and the sheer nostalgic feeling. Very rarely do I go out and buy a PC game these days and now utterly dissapointed! No point in starting another strategy game as I suspect come day 4 the same problem will happen. Come on Bohemia!! people have invested in purchasing this game and noticing by your forum this game is just riddled with bugs and problems. Lets get these sorted!! You have produced a fantastic game just don't ruin it now! Lets get another new patch for this game sorted please!! Unhandled exception Program: ...ctive\Carrier Command Gaea Mission\carrier.exe Reason: Access violation. Illegal read by 606daa at 154 [NCCGame::BarqueBasic::OnStockpileSet]: ??? addr:0x00606daa [NCCGame::BarqueBasic::OnStockpileSet]: ??? addr:0x00606daa (Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled)
  11. Totally agree. I just posted a new topic about this. A nuclear weapon is by definition a very destructive piece of weaponry. Assuming this is not a megaton device and is merely a few kilotons then based on the size of the island this would still wipe out all enemy units. If you are going to have the mother of all weapons with soo much energy to wipe out an island such as a nuclear weapon then this needs to be adjusted accordingly. The destructive force on this weapon is more like a fire cracker! Come on developers be realistic! What should happen is that the carrier needs to be stationed a kilometer or two from the island and have some targeting in place. A camera onboard to track the nuke would make a very nice addition!! The weapon should also have consequences in that while it can take out the entire island it requires a certain time before this island can be occupied due to radiation fallout. Make the weapon more costly to build to make it worth it OR just remove the nuclear weapon as personally I just dont see the point in this weapon.
  12. What a disappointment for such a powerful weapon. The manual states that the Hammerhead weapon is nuclear and when deployed at its target it is to be used with caution and all surrounding will be destroyed. Well after all it is a nuclear weapon right? well in reality it only destroys the command centre and all enemy units and infrastructure remains intact including all the enemy units on the island??? you then still have to go in and take these out. On one island the AA gun turrets were still active on the perimeter of the command centre? Hang on this is supposed to be a nuclear weapon with massive destructive capability? even if it is a low yield kiloton weapon this would still nuke most of the island or even the whole island completely given the size of the island? Sorry this dosent make sense? What is the point of having a nuclear weapon with the same destructive power as a V2 rocket? This is more of a firecracker than of a nuclear weapon. Can we get this adjusted please to make this weapon more realistic? this is after all a nuclear weapon after all. It would also be nice to have some camera on board so we can watch this weapon reach its target.
  13. Has anyone collided with the enemy carrier yet? If so I was expecting a big smash, grinding or even massive structural failure of both carriers. What actually happens instead? well my carrier passes half way through and then becomes stuck! Looks like there is no collision detection or its been very poorly implemented! thats just shocking for a 2012 game! Can we get this fixed please? If carriers are to collide then I would at least expect some realistic consequences from this.