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co 32 Gagolin Bridgehead

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Gagolin Bridgehead (coop 32 players)

August 1944, Baranow.

Despite tenacious German defence, forward elements of Marshall Konev's 6th Guards Army have crossed river Vistula near the village of Gagolin. Commander of the German 6th Panzer Division has improvised a kampfgruppe with a task to counter-attack and eliminate the Soviet bridgehead. With Luftwaffe enjoying temporary air superiority, a single Ju-87 Stuka has been allocated for close air support.

- Eliminate forward lookout.

- Destroy reserve tank platoon.

- Crush the Gagolin bridgehead.


1 x Panther

1 x Panzer IV

1 x SdKfz 251

2 x Kubelwagen

1 x Opel Blitz Repair

1 x Opel Blitz Ammo

1 x Ju-87 Stuka

Side respawn & waypoints for friendly AI, so it's playable with smaller player count.

DOWNLOAD: co 32 gagolin bridgehead

Earlier releases:

co 32 sven hassel

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