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  1. Is it possible to buy it with that kinda price? :confused: Bought mine for 20€..
  2. Ospreyz

    Iron Front Sub Forums

    Yes, Units section would be nice and useful! :)
  3. Ospreyz

    Blurry textures

    Yes, it's 100%.
  4. Ospreyz

    Blurry textures

    It seems I had already done that with ARMA 2, disapled AToC from IF now too. Didn't fix it :( Set Video Memory to "By Default" didn't help either.
  5. I'm having weird problem with IF, this also appears in ARMA 2 CO and even more when playing with ACE mod. Textures looks pretty blurry, except units are looking good. But trees, buildings and vehicles looks awful. I'm running the game with High/Very High settings. Someone said that disapling postprocess from graphics settings would help, but didn't work for me. Few screenshots: http://i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i468/Ospreyz/Iron%20Front%20blurry%20textures%20problem/2012-06-04_00003.jpg http://i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i468/Ospreyz/Iron%20Front%20blurry%20textures%20problem/2012-06-04_00004.jpg http://i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i468/Ospreyz/Iron%20Front%20blurry%20textures%20problem/2012-06-04_00005.jpg Any help? :nervous:
  6. Name: Osrpey Age: 17 Language: English, Finnish Time Zone: GTM +2 Location: Finland Mic: Yes and also teamspeak. Games: ArmA 2, Arrowhead + DLC's Mods: ACE, ACRE I'm looking for an European group which plays ArmA 2 CO with ACE and ACRE. I have played ArmA 2 since it was released and also played ACE pretty much. So I'm looking for a nice bunch of people who likes to play ArmA 2 realisticly and serious, but still having fun at the same time. Not very intrested of group which plays only as one army or have boot camps and so on.. :)
  7. Name: Jukka Soldier name: Osprey Age: 16, almost 17 Language: English, Finnish Games: ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead Timezone: GMT + 2 Location: Finland Experience: Played ArmA 2 with ACE couple years, I was in 6th Airborne realism unit. Roles preferred: Infantry, Armor I'm mature player and I'm looking for a nice experienced squad which plays ArmA 2 + Arrowhead with ACE and ACRE. Looking for Coop and PvP gaming. Not intrested of squad which plays only as one nation.. Thanks, Osprey :bounce3: