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Naval Aviator Scripts

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Warning: Firstly these scripts push the limitations of the current engine and may result in weird bouncing shaking etc. It may even hang the game. Which is why I have be postponing it's release. I can't remember which patch caused the first issues, so future patches may help or even make things worse.

That said I still love the sense of approaching a ship readying myself to try and hit that moving target. The stability has dropped off a little since I started this, probably due to small changes to flight models etc. I played around to try and minimise the issues as best I could. In the end I felt it better to release so others may enjoy the satifaction I have been getting even with the limitations.


For convience I have just zipped up my testing mission to make how to setup your objects and scripts easier to understand.

Place the mission folder once uncompressed into your TOH editor missions folder. This is generally located in Documents -> Take On Helicopters -> missions folder.

Access the mission by starting the TOH editor and loading the mission NAVAL_AVIATOR.


I have only designed this with single player missions in mind. I think the issues and limitations of what this is trying to do would only be exacerbated in a MP environment.

There are a few things I would like to work on and improve, but I haven't a lot of time at the moment so thought it better to release it in an "as is" state for those like me who have always wanted something like this in a simulation.

After the first preview, on my machine every time I try and start after causes the helicopter to de-rotor and induce a weird slow down to 1 frame per second as it seems the physics engine or similiar has a stroke :P May or may not occur to others?

I released this as an editor mssion as it is more a base for others to build on; As such I have kept the content to a minimum rather than create a polished finished mission.

Basically the mission starts on one ship, then requires you to fly and land on another ship before rescuing three engineers from a striken and sinking cargo ship (rope rescue). You then need to drop the men off on the heli pad on the mainland before returning to the first ship. If you have issues at mission start like I now am, remove sh = [this] execVM "Heli_Start_pos.sqf"; from the player helicopters init field.

The scripts:


sh = [Helicopter_object,Helipad_object_attached_to_ship] execVM "Heli_Start_pos.sqf";

This positions the helicopter on the landing pad of a valid ship. Valid ships require a helipad attached to the ship marking the landing pad.

NOTE: Remove this script if you have problems on mission start to have the helicopter start elsewhere. I basically can't use this part anymore and generally start off ship. Removing the ship motion may also help.


sh = [Helicopter_object] execVM "Landing.sqf";

This script is what enables the helicopter to land on valid ships. It tries to give a sense of grip to the surface of the pad, and when the relative velocities are

similiar attachs the helicopter to the ship. Reduce the throttle to below 40% quickly, because throttle positions above 40% is the trigger to release the

helicopter from the ship allowing it to takeoff. Special care is need here to ensure you are holding the controls in a "balanced postion" to stop the helicopter

spinning or rolling at the time of release.


sh = Ship_object execVM "ShipMotion2.sqf";

Makes the ship roll and pitch. Removing this will reduce physics issues, but reduce immersion slighty too in my opinion.


sh = [] waypoint_update.sqf;

This script analyses the players waypoints and if they are placed within 40m of a ship object will update the waypoints posiotn every few seconds to the new

position of the ship


sh = [Helicopter_object] execVM "Load_talk.sqf";

A quick attempt at having the loadmaster help talk you down onto a ship. Updates are ideally to slow for my liking.

Ship_sinking.sqf and swim.sqf

These are just two scripts used to create the rescue situation.


Used to try and give some light on the ships helipad. I would find the ship would not be illuminated at all times. That said using my mobile parts addons spotlight

and this at night is hard and awesome at the same time!


Helicopter variables:

this setvariable ["Landed",false,true];

This is required to initialise the variable used to check if the helicopter is attached or not.

Helipad_invisible_H variables:

Used to mark the ships landing area. Hint for new ships use a visible helipad object to find the relative position on a ship then change it to the invisible sort.

this attachto [ship41,[0,115,-10.4]];

Test mission download, with scripts included:


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