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  1. Hi Foxhound, I only quickly checked the old link yesterday, and it is no longer correct, but you are right they seem to still be on mosaholic, just the links have changed. I havent tested the downloads. Try a search of modsaholic with Blake's The site doesnt like the link I am trying to post here for some reason. Kind regards Blake
  2. blakeace

    Blake's PRADAR

    Hi nozomunz74, Sorry for the very slow response, I am very time poor these days, I would love to say yes as I really would like it for A3 as well if I ever got time to just get on and play; but I unfortunately don't have time or more importantly the energy to dedicate to my enjoyment of creating Arma and TOH content. I did get it on A3 with i couple of errors before my arma pc failed but I have no idea when I will get around to fixing up, and gaining access to the files. My plan was to reduce the content in the addon and just retain the name display in A3. I am happy for somebody to take my code and look at an A3 version, I would just appreciate an acknowledgement of my work :) Kind regards Blake
  3. Hi MacMillan11 I unfortunately don't have access to my files as the rig I use for playing around with Arma adn TOH is down and I am very time poor with RL to find time to get it up and running atm. I'm not sure if somebody who has previously downloaded my addons is able to host or upload them somewhere? Kind regards Blake
  4. HI John1000, It would be great to be able to have a more responsive autopilot, one of the reasons it is quite "sluggish" is due to how I am manipulating the aircraft object to change angles. I am using the setvector commands very quickly using very small changes. When you start trying to increase the rate of change in the code it has the horrible effect of shaking the aircraft in a very disturbing manner. So the rate of change I settled for was the greatest rate that wasn't annoying for myself. If ever bi released commands that allowed us to manipulate the input values like we were using a joystick then many of your desires could be looked at. I unfortunately have just changed careers and my new job is taking up all my time and I really haven't got any time for scripting etc :( Thanks for the kind words they are much appreciated :)
  5. I cannot tell you why it occurs, but it is an issue using the inputaction command. It seems to be more prevelant when a server is under load but I am not an expert with these things. I have started change things and use my over key press eventhandlers for the likes of carrier ops and the mirror mods (both not released yet) because it seems a lot more reliable. The reason I liked the inputaction command originally was it allowed a quick and easy way to have both a keyboard and joystick button functionality. I have started to change things because of the above issue. Unfortunately I have recently started a new job and I am literally working 10 - 13 hour days 7 days a week trying to get myself up to speed with this new career. So my arma hobby has reluctantly been placed on hold. I really don't think I'll be able to do much before Arma 3 is out by the looks of things, so hopefully they have all this already in game by then :) If not I imagine it would be pretty much a rewrite working with pip etc possibly drawing from some of my TOH code. I'm glad you have enjoyed it and sorry I can't do much with it at the moment unfortunately. If I do get more time to play with things I'll definately take you up on helping to test thanks! Setting of the camera position has always been part of how the camera function worked. If you didn't set a value then the camera should not be accessible. I have always checked this by seeing if the object variable is nil or not. So I am surprised that you could always access it in the past. I even just checked an old archived file last modified 6/10/11 and the exact same check is there. So no idea what was going on there sorry? _presetm = _car1 getvariable "FLIRloc"; if (!(isNil ("_presetm"))) then { _mpos = _presetm;
  6. blakeace

    Blake's PRADAR

    Yes that is possible, though I imagine the result could get very cluttered easily without some extra coding to alter the sizing and colour/transparency of the text. I'll try and have a look at the just changing the name length part, but it probably wouldn't be for a while as real life is demanding all of my time at the moment sorry.
  7. Cheers, I appreciate the kind words. The only thing I can think of is converting the code to use an eventhandler for evaluating the key presses, I was using the inputaction command but I think this sometimes isn't returning valid results? The reason I used it was to easily allow joystick button functionality. I have just started playing around with the key eventhandler, in the above mentioned yet to be updated addons, that said I haven't stress tested them on a server, just my usual limited test server with one player. Unfortunately I wish I could a quick update, but real life is being very very demanding at moment.
  8. I'm glad you like them :) and thanks again for the really detailed bug report, it made my part a lot easier, just sorry it took me so long to get an update out.
  9. Hi Jumpartist I am assuming your LASE issue is for the version prior to the one I just uploaded? If so one of the issues was the lasing. Some items including lasing seemed to not work with changing around how the menus were implemented. I have two test servers setup, one is vanilla plus my addons only, the other is an ACE version with my addons only. I generally develop and test on the vanilla server, and once I am at a testing stage I will give the addon a run on the ACE one. This last version I tested only on the ACE test server as I haven't had much time, and the lasing operated as it should during that brief testing at least. A script version isn't really viable as this is quite complex and always under development and testing etc. I don't have the time for the one version let alone maintaining and fixing a scripted version. The addon version also gives a better setup for fixing bugs and implementing updates. I've also got updates for both my carrier ops and mirrors but haven't found the time to even update the documentation yet so I can upload them :( Cheers Blake
  10. Updated 1.03.03 Just a small update to fix the menu items not appearing if the player started the game not in the plane. A big thank you to Sjaba for his very detailed report on the issues. I'm very sorry it has taken this long to start addressing this, real life unfortunately hasn't given me must time to sort things like this out. At this stage I haven't been able to replicate the "When guns selected a big green square filled the hud totaly blocking the line of sight " you reported Sjaba, so I have no idea what is occurring there. Update available on the first page.
  11. No idea sorry, the menu is just a standard action menu on the laptop object. I know I have lost it under a floor of a building when the laptop appeared below floor level on the ground.
  12. Thanks Sjaba I'll have a dig around and see what I can find.
  13. blakeace

    Towable AT gun

    I don't see why not, you know what vehicle is being used and probably best use nearestobjects command setting the radius for your desired attaching distance. Filter it for the correct class type of the gun. Use the position of _target to centre the search radius of of the nearestobjects command. Then in the code search again for the gun object, the addaction passes what object it is attached to, use _this select 0 in your code to know which car action had been selected. There is probably a few other ways to do it, but this one's just off the top of my head.
  14. blakeace

    Towable AT gun

    A lot depends on what vehicles/s and gun/s you are using. If you are simply using one specific car and one specific gun then you could use something like this where you explicitly name the two objects you are checking the distance between. If you want it to be a more dynamic where it can function with multiple objects then it would be a little more involved. for the simple case you could use something like: ATgun addAction ["Attach gun", "Attach_gun.sqs",[],1, false, false, "", "(Tow_car distance Towed_gun) < 5"]; Where in my example they are named the car Tow_car and the gun Towed_gun.
  15. blakeace

    Towable AT gun

    The addaction command has a condition parameter that allows further refinement for when the script should be visible. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction Quoted from the above page Here is an example of an elaborate one I used for a tow rope mod. Note the condition field is a string when setting it up. _actionidx = _this addAction ["Use Tow Rope","\BlakesTowRope\TowRope.sqf", [],1, false, false, "", " Player == driver (vehicle player) and (speed player) == 0 and count(nearestobjects [(vehicle player), [""LandVehicle""], 50]) > 1 and ((vehicle player) getvariable ""OnTow"") == 0"]; Hope this helps Blake