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Multiple House Positioning

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hello everybody!

Today, I have a question which I doubt any one can really answer, because I have been looking everywhere for this with maybe outdated links and such. So without further adieu:

You will laugh at me for this but I am trying to make a city map of 10240m x 10240m. fortunately it's only half the map so it's possibly 10240 x 5120 or something along those lines and I have everything ready except for one part, populating the map with houses and roads. The Roads I can probably paint on there but I could use some help on that too but that's secondary. What I need is actually a script or program that generates a variety of houses in perhaps one clean formation or in one single angle even wouldn't be so bad right now. I tried using forest tool in World Tools and it just places the houses on top of each other and in all different angles and it's getting messy and the fence generator I am having a bit of issue using because the "send to directions" button in the script management tool is kind of "hidden" outside the window. I tried maybe looking up scripts that could generate buildings in there randomly and no luck either. Any help would be deeply appreciated

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