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Transport Helo Missions: Hip Hip Hooray and Chickenhawk

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This is the release of two helicopter transport missions, based on Workhorse by BTK. As a transport helicopter pilot the player has to fullfil several randomly assigned tasks to complete a shift.

One is named 'Hip Hip Hooray' and takes place in Chernarus. The player flies a Mi-8 Hip MTV from Krasnostav airbase. This mission is basically a 1:1 copy from Workhorse, albeit swapping the equipment between west and east. There are a few new tasks.

The other is named 'Chickenhawk' and takes place around Dak Seang, Vietnam. The mission needs the Vietnam: The Experience mod. While following the gameplay principles of Workhorse, it's all new under the hood. The player flies a UH-1H transport helicopter out of the Special Forces camp at Dak Seang. The missions are all new, though of course you either transport people or cargo.

Armaholic gladly mirrors them:

- Hip Hip Hooray (@)

- Chickenhawk (@)

You can also d/l them here:

Hip Hip Hooray: http://tspindler.de/arma/missions/hiphiphooray/

Chickenhawk: http://tspindler.de/arma/missions/chickenhawk/

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make mission Chickenhawk for Unsung mod

Sure, can do that eventually. What's the best map in Unsung mod for flying? I tried one, but the trees had an eerie white outline when flying over them.

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I've put together a first test for Chickenhawk using the Unsung Vietnam mod. The distances on the Ia Drang map are quite high, so the overall shift of four tasks will take a bit longer than on Dak Seang from VTE:


Note that your RPT file will be filled with errors caused by some problem with grenades in Unsung.

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